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Burlough Castle (Burlough_Castle.txt)

Burlough Castle

N, Get Alder Leaf, S, S, E, E, S, Get Beech Leaf, W, E*3, S, S, W, Get Elm Leaf, 
S, E, S, S, Give All The Leaves To The Young Elf (He will give you a longbow), 
Get Longhorn, N*4, Get Prayer Mat, Examine Slabs, Down, S, Get Book, N, U, S, E, 
Examine Tree, Move Stone, Look, Get Scroll, Read Scroll, Drop Scroll, W, S*3, 
W*3, Enter Building, Pray (You will be given a Dagger), Get Dagger, Drop Prayer 
Mat, Leave Building, North, Enter Building, Get Arrow, Leave Building, N, N, E, 
Enter Building, Get Wheel, Leave Building, W, N, N, Enter Building, Get Tiny 
Key, Leave Building, S*4, E*3, N, N, Give Wheel To Man (He will give you a 
horn), S, S, Wx6, Nx4, Blow Horn (A shimmering castle appears), NW, Enter 
Castle, Pray Chess, SE, S, S, E, S, Kill Hart With Longbow, Remove Head With 
Dagger (Someone will come and pinch it!), N*3, W, N, NW, Enter Castle (You are 
then transported to the Longbarrow), Read Book (It's locked), Unlock Book With 


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