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Necromancer (necromancer.txt)

Necromancer by S.W. Lucas

You start outside an old mansion.
Go in to the hallway and get the gloves.
Go south to the kitchen and take the wand.
Go north, out and west to the boatyard.
Go south to the jetty and row the boat.
Go west, west, north, east and east to the top of the mineshaft.
Take the sword.
Go west, west, south, east and east.
Row the boat.
Go south and stab the troll. Drop the sword.
Go east, east and into the cottage.
Get the coin and torch and go out.
Go west, south, and south.
Give the wand to the wizard, who rewards you with an emerald. Take it.
Go north, west and climb the tree.
Pluck a feather from the eagle, which flies away. You don't get a feather, but there's a
diamond left behind. Take it.
Jump out of the nest and go east, north, west, north, north and east to the mansion.
Drop the emerald and diamond.
Go west and south and row the boat again.
Go west, south and west to the factory gates.
Take the flame thrower.
Go east and up to a narrow alleyway.
Go west, south, south and in to the shop.
Take the fly spray.
Go out, north, north, east and south to a narrow passageway.
Use the flame thrower to get rid of the hobgoblin. Drop the flame thrower.
Go south, east and east to the moat.
Go east, south and south to the village square. 
Insert the coin into the vending machine. It dispenses a spider trap, so take it.
Go north and in, and trap the spider.
Go out, north and west.
Wear the gloves to avoid an electric shock and pull the lever. The drawbridge comes down.
Go south, south and release the spider. Drop the trap.
Go south to the overgrown garden.
Spray the fly spray, drop it and take the ruby.
Go north, north, north and east.
Throw the torch at the vulture. It flies away, allowing you to go east, so go east and take the
Go west, south, south, south and east.
Take the crucifix and go west, north, north, north, west, south.
Go south, west and west.
If you didn't have the crucifix, you would've been attacked by a vampire.
Go south and swim the lake.
Take the golden casket and swim back.
Go north, east, east, north, north, west, west, north, north, down, north and east.
Row the boat.
Go north and east.
Drop the ruby, chalice and casket.

You have found all the treasure.