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Golden Crown, The (Golden_Crown.txt)

The Golden Crown
--- ------ -----
A mini adventure by Julia Battle
Published by Electron User

Go east, south and south to the shed.
Take the bucket.
Go west, west, north, west and south to the stream.
Fill the bucket.
Go north, east, south, east, east and north to the elf's house.
The house is on fire so throw water onto the flames. The elf rewards you with a bag of gold.
Go north and north to the shop.
Take the pass and you'll also get the cloak in exchange for the gold.
Go south, south, south, west, west, west and north to the castle entrance.
You need to get past the guard, so wear the cloak and go north.
Go east, north and east to the armoury.
Take the dagger and go west, south and south to the castle grounds.
Kill the troll with the dagger and take the scroll.
Examine the scroll. It reads 'Shazam'.
Go north and north again to the cellar and say the magic word 'Shazam'.
A hidden door slides open, so go through it west.
Take the silver key and head back to the main hall by going east, south and west.
Unlock the safe and take the crown.
Head back to the palace by going east and east.
The king takes the crown and you have earned yourself a knighthood!