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Citadel of Corruption (Citadel_D_Picking.txt)

Written by D. Picking and K. Crampton
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start on a Hilltop south of the Citadel), INVENTORY (you have some rope), E, E (open field),
EXAMINE SCARECROW, EXAMINE OVERCOAT, OPEN OVERCOAT (a small heart-shaped gemstone falls into your
hands, which seems to project a powerful life-giving force), W, S (graveyard), GET SHOVEL, ENTER
GRAVE, EXAMINE COFFIN, OPEN COFFIN (you observe a decaying corpse), DROP RUBY (it is affected by the
ruby's power and the corpse sits up), INVENTORY (you are in possession of a zombie), GET RUBY,

N, W, W (western side of Citadel), DIG (you uncover a grey stone), THROW ROPE (it hooks onto one of
the turrets), CLIMB ROPE (you are perched atop the sloping lead roof), EXAMINE FLAGPOLE (a long
piece of rotting wood), GET FLAGPOLE (it comes off in your hand and you return to terra firma... you
are back on the western side of the Citadel), GET ROPE, E (hilltop), KNOCK DOOR WITH FLAGPOLE (the
drawbridge opens), N (onto the drawbridge), N (entrance hall).

N (living room), GET POKER, EXAMINE FIREPLACE (big enough for you to enter but there's a fire
with smoke travelling through the open flue), CLOSE FLUE WITH POKER (it collapses putting out the
fire), ENTER FIREPLACE (you are in the chimney), GET SCROLL, READ SCROLL (written in hieroglyphics),
D, EXAMINE MIRROR (your image is missing), ENTER MIRROR (you are in a disused replica of the living
room), GET BOOK, READ BOOK (an obscure work on Egyptian folklore), E (back to living room).

E (Egyptian room), DROP RUBY , W, N (southern balcony), TAKE CHANDELIER, JUMP (northern balcony), N
(music room), EXAMINE PIANO (note the metal rods), GET CANDELABRA, EXAMINE CANDELABRA (holds three
wax candles), E (top of staircase), D, D (cold store - the candelabra's light is extinguished
by a sudden draught), EXAMINE CARCASSES (inside one you find a dead heart), EXAMINE HEART (cold), U
(you need illumination to negotiate the dark stairs), ENTER DUMBWAITER (you ascend to the upper
lever... you are in a small filthy kitchen), W, N, U (top of stairs), W, S (northern balcony), TAKE
CANDELABRA, JUMP (southern balcony), S, E (Egyptian room - as the ruby is here there is a blinding
flash... the magical heart-shaped gemstone and the dead heart meld together to produce a living

EXAMINE STATUES (note the scales and the outstretched hand), DROP HEART ON SCALES (it vanishes),
DROP SCROLL ON HAND (it also vanishes but you hear a grinding sound as the wall moves to reveal an
exit east), E (secret chamber), EXAMINE SARCOPHAGUS (closed), OPEN SARCOPHAGUS (cannot be opened or
closed by any conventional means), W, W, N (southern balcony), TAKE CHANDELIER, JUMP (northern
balcony), N (music room), PLAY PIANO (you hear a metallic clang in the distance), S (northern
balcony) TAKE CHANDELIER, JUMP (southern balcony), S, E, E (back to secret chamber), EXAMINE
SARCOPHAGUS (it's open... it's an entrance to a lower level).

D (pagan chapel), E (long earthy passage - water seeps from a hole in the roof forming a barrier
preventing passage east), PLUG HOLE (using the grey stone... the water subsides), E (living
quarters), GET DIARY, READ DIARY, E (vast chamber - a huge creature is here encased in ice), EXAMINE
CREATURE (not of this world), EXAMINE ORB (a black crystal... white light flares violently inside
it), GET ORB (it repels your touch), ZOMBIE GET ORB (the orb's energy discharges destroying
both the zombie and the frozen hulk... you are carried upwards through the roof of the chamber to
the stone circle).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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