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Ghost Town (Ghost_Town_hints.txt)

Ghost Town
by Scott Adams


A .-    J .---  S ...
B -...  K -.-   T -
C -.-.  L .-..  U ..-
D -..   M --    V ...-
E .     N -.    W .--
F ..-.  O ---   X -..-
G --.   P .--.  Y -.--
H ....  Q --.-  Z --..
I ..    R .-.

'Ole Paint is the name of your horse.

You may not be vain, the voice is telling you about someone else.

The vain seek appreciation.

Something prevents a pretty tune. What's under the lid?

A compass should point north, unless...

Use the force should something bar your progress.

A broken connection and you cannot see where? Try moving until you can.

Not exactly a top hat but it's the best you can do.

That brush appears very dry.

Charcoal, sulphur, and salt peter should go with a bang, though containment helps.

Salt peter can form in the most disagreeable of places.

Native sulphur (rather than the usual sulphide and sulphate minerals) can be found in Sicily and the
USA. Today the Frasch process is used to extract sulphur from underground deposits, this is because
any large deposits close to the surface have long since been dug out.

Does someone need spurring on, or does that just get you in a hole?

If you cannot reach try turning things on their head.

If 'Ole Paint ignores a gentle word try shoeing him instead, or as well.

Beating your own drum may be frowned upon, but what if it once belonged to someone else?

How are you supposed to greet an American Indian?

Snakes alive! It's time to draw.

Boot Hill, are you creating your own or visiting?

That bed is not placed to my liking.

Those on a roll should know how to prevent the dangers of flying glass.

If they don't mind dancing in the dark why should you?

Tele-, from the Greek language: meaning distant, at a distance, over a distance.

There are some situations where you can get too close.

Are those floorboards safe? A little investigation could be called for.

Go on, don't pass up the opportunity of a further gift from the Orient.

For those looking for the elusive 50 bonus points.

Try completing the game within 225 moves (there is at least one version of the game that allows 325
moves, but you don't need that many moves, do you?).

Show your appreciation of the pianist.

Take your revenge out on the visitor from the Pyramid of Doom. (For those who have not suffered that
torment in the Pyramid of Doom, the visitor is the purple worm.)

Carrying out the Morse code instruction will gain points in most game versions (again, there is a
version that differs from the many, in this case digging something unpleasant will reap the

You must repair the telegraph within 30 moves.

You must succeed in opening the jail door within 30 moves.

Carry out the map instructions in the right place and within 80 moves.

Create something explosive within 80 moves.

Greet an Indian in the traditional manner within 100 moves.

Finally, never take the manure (why would you?) or save the game (emulator snapshots, and similar,


By Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)