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Adventure 200 (Adventure_200_hints.txt)


Hints by W. Pooley.

Objects and Uses:

Lamp:  Source of light and the means of destroying the wooden bridge.
Axe:  Not used.
Coin:  (The one in the cave) Give to Troll to cross the iron bridge.
Fish:  Not used.
Water:  (Fresh) Drink in desert and water small plant.
Water:  (Salt) Kills plant.
Jug:  To carry water and brandy.
Keys:  Locks and unlocks all doors.
Coin:  (The one in the hut) Leave it alone. 
Spade:  To dig for garlic, and water at the water hole.
Grain and Cage:  To catch bird.
Bird in cage:  Shows safe way through mine. 
Brandy:  Use it to set fire to the guard room. (The gold is in there) 
Garlic:  Will move the snake, and carry it when you take the ring.
Flower:  Not used.
Wrench:  Stops and starts the machine in the mine.

There are 5 treasures to find and return to the palace:

Diamonds:  Located East of the sleeping guard in the chest in the high chamber.
Gold:  Located in the guards office.
Seal:  In the pyramid across the desert.
Mace:  In the high room at the end of the maze with the twisty passages.
Ring:  Located in the cellar of the castle.

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