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Aztec Assault (Aztec_Assault_Ian_Brown.txt)

Written by Ian Brown (The Traveller in Black)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

(The year is 1519 AD and you are standing on an overgrown pathway), INVENTORY (wearing sandals, a
black robe and a loin cloth), EXAMINE SANDALS, EXAMINE ROBE, EXAMINE LOIN (cloth), S, EXAMINE PRIEST
(Aztec - he has a painted black face), SAY "HELLO" (he tells you that demons now roam the
city and they are unable to make sacrifices), S (into woods), EXAMINE TREES (see a Quetzal bird),
EXAMINE FOLIAGE (now see a hole), EXAMINE HOLE, INSERT HAND (you touch a small furry creature which
bites your hand), INSERT HAND (this time you pull out an opossum's tail), EXAMINE TAIL, SE, SE
(to Temple of the Water Gods where the remaining members of an Aztec family are gazing at the
water), SAY "HELLO" (they wait to retrieve the body of their recently drowned son),

N, EXAMINE CAUSEWAY (above it are the remains of a dried-up causeway), U (onto aqueduct), N (you see
a violent disturbance in the lake), S, D, S, SW, W, W, NW, NW, N (you drown but are resurrected at
the water's edge and now see a corpse), EXAMINE CORPSE, GET CORPSE, W, S, SE, SE (back to
Temple of Water Gods), BURY CORPSE (the Aztec family thank you and tell you that something is buried
in the garden), E, E, NE, N, U (aqueduct), N, D, N, W (into a house where a pregnant woman is lying
on a mat), SAY "HELLO" (her time has come but they need the tail of an opossum to restart
the contractions), GIVE TAIL (added to some herbs it does the job and you are told that to enter the
Teocalli your robe must look like a priests... some shapes are sewn on them).                       

E, S (into steam bath), SAY "HELLO" (the man tells you to throw the water in the jug at
the wall and to give him a massage), GET JUG, THROW WATER (against the hot wall and the place is
enveloped in steam), MASSAGE MAN (he tells you that later you may need a dog and to whistle for it),
DROP JUG, N, SE, EXAMINE FIRE (see a pool of oil), DIP HANDS IN POOL, WIPE FACE (it is now black
like the priests), NW, N, W (into throne room containing the Snake-Woman and a Red Demon), SAY
"HELLO" (says "You won't win against me"), SAY "HELLO" (says
"You are wasting your time"), SAY "HELLO" (Kane knows as the Chameleon), E, N,
W, N (the guards take you for a priest and let you pass).

NW, NW, N (to calendar stone), EXAMINE STONE (it weighs 20 tons), E, EXAMINE RACK (skull), GET BALL
(rubber), EXAMINE BALL, NW, N (to ball court), SAY "HELLO" (their ball is missing), GIVE
BALL (the game resumes and you see a thorn), GET THORN, EXAMINE THORN, W, W, W, S (to aviary), SAY
"HELLO" (an Aztec has lost a prize bird), N, N (into northern chamber), SIT CHAIR (you see
a pellet under the chair), GET PELLET, EXAMINE PELLET, INSERT PELLET (into the blowpipe).

S, E, SW (into house), GET STICK (strong), EXAMINE STICK (for digging), NE, NW (into house with a
sick child), SAY "HELLO", GET CHILD, SE, E, E, NW, NE, W (the guard expects a small
sacrifice first and bars your way), PRICK FINGER (using the thorn... the guard lets you pass), W
(the Aztec takes the child for treatment), GET SEED, EXAMINE SEED, SWALLOW SEED (you have a vision
of an urn filled with ashes), E, EXAMINE CODICES, READ CODICES (rituals for sacrifices), E, SW, SE,
W, W, W, N (into house), GET URN, EXAMINE URN (it contains ashes of past Aztec rulers), S, E, E (the
priests take the urn for safekeeping).

S, S, E, E, S, W (to ruins), DIG (using the strong stick), EXAMINE HOLE, GET NUGGET (of gold),
EXAMINE NUGGET, DROP STICK, E, E, S, E, E (to goldsmiths), GIVE NUGGET (the goldsmiths give you a
knife), EXAMINE KNIFE, W, W, S, W, S, U (to aqueduct), S, D, S, SW, W, W, NW, NW (into woods), SHOOT
PELLET (it stuns the bird), DROP TUBE, GET BIRD, EXAMINE BIRD (it is highly prized for its plumage),
SE, SE, E, E, NE, N, U (aqueduct), N, D, N, N, N, W, W, N, N, W, W, S (into aviary), GIVE BIRD (the
Aztec gives you some feathers), EXAMINE FEATHERS, N, E, E, E, NW, E.

SW (round temple where Jaguar Knights guard the exit), SAY "HELLO" (you are asked what
caused the first sun), SAY "JAGUARS" (the guard says you may pass), GET TORCH, EXAMINE
TORCH, E, SE, S, S, S, S, E, S, E (into a room in the eastern wing), GIVE FEATHERS (artists give you
a cloak), EXAMINE CLOAK, W, S, SE (by fire), LIGHT TORCH, NW, W, N, N, E, N, N, N (into an area used
for ceremonial dancing), WHISTLE (the dog comes), EXAMINE DOG, KILL DOG (you place its body on the
pyre), LIGHT PYRE (the Aztecs get rid of one demon), EXTINGUISH TORCH, DROP TORCH, S, W, NE, E (into
the school for warriors), GIVE CLOAK (the lord is now dressed ready for combat), GET BOW, EXAMINE

S, W (above you in the blood-splattered temple of Xipe), U (into temple), EXAMINE ALTAR, EXAMINE
FRAME (tied to it is a chimalpopocca prisoner who is still alive), SHOOT THREE ARROWS (priests
stretch him still alive on the altar), KILL CHIMAL (you do what must be done, cut out his heart and
do a primitive dance... more demons are attacked), D, E, N, N, NE, U, E, EXAMINE ALTAR (you see the
next victim), KILL VICTIM, W, N, E, EXAMINE ALTAR (another victim), KILL VICTIM (you are aware of an
increase in the sun's brightness), W, D, SW, S (back at the centre of the city, you see all the
Aztecs gathered.)

On your command they seek out and kill all the demons.  The snake woman known as
"Chameleon" is brought before you.  "Fools," it howls.  "You could have
become masters of the planet, instead, Cortez will come, millions will die and the greatness of the
Mexicatl will be no more.  Savour this tiny triumph and consider its cost."   The Chameleon
then sprouts wings and flies off.   The priests consult together and decide that to avert this doom,
a special sacrifice is needed.... YOU.....  Until next time.     

Score 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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