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Talisman: Challenging the Sands of Time (Talisman_hints.txt)


To start:

1) Just wait to get out of prison
2) Bow to the king
3) Leave the castle
4) Go south to the bazaar
5) Buy a carrot ring
6) Leave the bazaar
7) Go to the dam
8) Jump on it and then off to the west
9) Get the log when you find it
10) Go to the ruins - get the shield (from downstairs) and the rods (from 
11) Go South and then into the meadow - wait for a hare to appear - give him the 
ring and get it
12) Now go back to the other side of the river
13) Drop the hare into a pit in the forest (you hear a lion inside)
14) go into the pit
15) Search debris - get fold - wait for hare to hickup - get flint
16) Up again
17) Back to the dam - cross the river - go upstream (N) one step - drop the log 
in the river - go south again (dam gets destroyed)
18) go to the ruins - get torch
19) go to the door (east)
20) You'll have to open the door by putting the rods into the right holes (HINT: 
What do you want to do with the door? Look at the first letters!)
21) Enter the hut - get the lamp (It's the small oil lamp next to the wizard) - 
light the lamp - rub the lamp - get the book - read the book...
22) Go back to the bazaar - buy flask + rope
23) Back in the castle you'll have to make the executioner open the cell door, 
enter it, move brick, get catalog
24) GO to the shop and buy a carpet (see readme.txt)
25) Fight the bandits

1) First you should get out of prison. This happens automatically after some 
turns. Meanwhile you may look around (eg. at the walls) and move a brick which 
seems loose (which won't work just yet) or drink some "clean looking" water (NOT 
recommended, but not bad, too.)
2) Then you'll be lead to the king. Bow (or just wait) and listen. After that 
you may leave (w).
3) You may now leave the castle and go to town (where you can buy some 
equipment), or check out the dungeon (again) first. What you're looking for is a 
catalog, BTW.
4) To cross the river fast you may jump on the dam.
5) To get past the bandits you'll have to get the shield and fight them.
6) It's a good idea to draw a map...
7) Buy a flying carpet using your credit card!
8) Just move around and you'll find out how to do it... 

- When you enter the ruins at the river and go downstairs to the room with the 
two statues, if you check that chalice that is being held you will find that 
there is nectar in it. Drinking it seem to give you extra energy. I hope this 
helps you, seeing as how i've been stuck after trapping the genie for some time 

- To Get to the cave across from the tree do the following:
1) Go to the cliff edge above the revine.
2) Type "toss rope" and you'll toss your rope to the tree.
3) Climb the rope across to the tree. ("climb rope")
4) Grab the rope to put it in your hand and then swing
("grab rope", "swing")
HINT: Once inside the cave, make sure you have the a lamp and a piece of flint 
in your possession.

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