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Fahrenheit 451 (Fahrenheit_451.txt)

Written by Len Neufeld and Byron Preiss 1984 (Telarium Corporation)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 version)

Based on the novel of the same name by Ray Bradbury.  The ruthless society of the firemen has burned
all the books in the world and you, as Guy Montag, must infiltrate their ranks to try to restore
sanity to your world. You're also hoping to find your beloved Clarisse as you wander through
the dangers of downtown New York. Because there are no books, many of the people you meet have
memorised entire texts, passed down to them from earlier generations in an effort to keep the
world's literature alive.

1. Use the lighter with everyone you meet for clues most of the time.
2. Until you are chemindexed and have a new face which matches your ID only cross from west to east
at the overpass. Once your face and ID match, the hound that patrols Fifth Avenue will examine you
then leave.
3. Don't bother with the alley and basement tunnel lab. - they lead eventually to the subway
but it is VERY easy to get lost in the tunnels.
4. During the game a patrol will ask for your ID, when it does just SHOW ID (note your face and ID
must match though.
5. There are two alternative endings, so make sure you save the game when you first enter the
library. You can then restore your position and try again if necessary.

Walk Through
(Start in a clearing in dense woods in central park), EXAMINE PILE OF LEAVES (under them you see a
rusted grating), OPEN GRATING, D (the ladder - it breaks and you fall), SE, U (through the manhole
to a small plaza), SW, ENTER HOTEL (to lobby), GET LIGHTER, EXAMINE LIGHTER (it's the secret
signal of the underground), S (towards elevator - the 8th floor isn't open yet), WAIT, TIME
(until 9.00 am. when the 8th floor opens), S (into elevator - it rises to the 8th floor), N (into a
large room where an attendant asks "Care for an experience?"), USE LIGHTER, SAY "TWAS
BRILLIG AND THE SLITHY TOVES" (you are told to go through door three west), W (into small
room... you sit down and slip a helmet on your head... you get an image of Clarisse"), S (into
the elevator... you wander back to the sidewalk).

E, S (a man welcomes you, gives you a quote and tells you to make a little light so we know who your
are), S, S, S, S, S, S (to W52-53), W (into magazine store), USE LIGHTER (the clerk takes you into
the back room), READ BIBLE (note three quotes), READ SHAKESPERE (note three quotes), E (back to
sidewalk), S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S (to W44-45), U (the ramp to the walkway), E across to the other
side), N, N, N, N, N, N (to E50-51), E (into cathedral - a tall man is here sweeping the floor), USE
LIGHTER, SAY "GIVE EVERY MAN THY EAR, BUT FEW THY VOICE" (he hands you a note with quote
"Dr.Foster went to Gloucester" on it, and tells you "Beware the hounds patrol Fifth
Avenue the ......... quarters of each hour" - note these times as they are useful later).

N, N, N (to E53-54), E (into restaurant), TAKE KNIFE, WAIT (until the waiter comes), USE LIGHTER (he
recommends a complimentary dessert), SAY "DESSERT", EAT FOOD (the waiter returns with a
fortune cookie), OPEN COOKIE (a slip of paper is inside with the quote "STAY ME WITH
FLAGONS..."), W, N, N (to glass world), S (towards the crystal), ENTER CRYSTAL, WAIT (a little
robot appears with a pair of glasses), TAKE GLASSES (you put them on and can now see an exit), LEAVE
CRYSTAL (you put the glasses in your pocket), E (to exhibit), TALK TO MAN, BUY SPYGLASS, W (back to

N (to E56-57), E (into Tiffany's Museum of Goldsmithery), EXAMINE SCULPTURES (the attendant
enters), USE LIGHTER (you are given the quote "Imagination Bodies forth etc."), SAY
"CALL ME ISHMAEL" (he gives you a tetrasonde which opens locker 415 in the lounge of the
Plaza Hotel, which you put in your pocket and leave - if you wish you can store items in the hotel
locker but it isn't necessary), N, N (to E58-59), D (into basement where it's pitch
black), USE LIGHTER, READ CARDS (microcassettes are secured in vaults in the library building),
EXAMINE WALL (inside the hole in the wall you see an electro-optical cable), TOUCH CABLE (sequences
of letters flash in your mind's eye... you overhear a conversation - note the clues are
backwards), U (back to sidewalk).

TIME (to see if it's the correct quarter of the hour and safe to cross Fifth Avenue), W, W (by
the stone fountain), S (to W57-58), W (into the hospital where a nurse asks if she can help you),
AM SICK OF LOVE" (she gives you some tips and asks if you want to see a doctor), SAY
"YES" (you are taken to the treatment room), WAIT, EXAMINE CABINET, GET PAPER-CLIP, WAIT
(Dr. Foster returns), SAY "DR.FOSTER WENT TO GLOUCESTER", SHOW ID (to Dr. Foster - he uses
the chemindexer on you then puts it in the cabinet and locks it before leaving), OPEN CABINET WITH
PAPER-CLIP (you take the chemindexer), LEAVE HOSPITAL (to W57-58), CHECK ID.

S (to W56-57), W (into lobby), READ SIGN, ENTER ELEVATOR, USE LIGHTER (you are told to go to the
magic shop for a mask), SAY "RISE UP MY LOVE, MY FAIR ONE, AND COME AWAY" (the operator
says "I have a friend you'd like to meet, Emile Ungar, and his phone number is NYC
802", with requirement for quote from Pope's Essay on Man - you arrive at the observation
deck), OBSERVE CITY, USE SPYGLASS, ENTER ELEVATOR (you ride down and walk outside).

S, S, S, S, S (to W51-52), W (into food centre), USE LIGHTER (get a quote - do NOT show ID yet as
your face and ID don't match), E, S, S, S, S (to W47-48), W (into jewellery emporium - the
clerk asks if he can help you - do NOT use the lighter yet), SAY "YES", BUY RING (or
anything else you fancy - it doesn't really matter - you are asked if you want it engraved),
SAY "YES" (you go through to the engraver's office), GIVE RING TO ENGRAVER (he asks
which initials you want engraved - any two initials will do), SAY "AD", USE LIGHTER (get
quote "The scene was all changed, like the change in my face"), SAY "IMAGINATION
BODIES FORTH THE FORMS OF THINGS UNKNOWN" (you are given an entry permit to the library), SAY
any one of the three ID cards will do), E (back to sidewalk).

S, S, S (to W44-45), W (into bank), S (to where the clerk is), SAY "NOTHING COMES AMISS, SO
MONEY COMES WITHAL" (he gives you a bankcard and tells you your personal word is
'Temblor'), N (to the cash machine), SAY "TEMBLOR" (how much?), SAY
"$1000", E (back to sidewalk), U (the ramp), E (to other side), N, N, N, N, E (into a
dusty old building), EXAMINE MURAL (see a glint of metal), EXAMINE METAL (see a speaker), SAY
"IT WAS A PLEASURE TO BURN" (repeat until the floor revolves and you are in a white room
with a red phone), PICK UP PHONE (get phone number NYC-154 and quote "Some are born to sweet
delight, Some are born to endless night"), W (back to sidewalk).

S, S (to E46-47 outside magic shop), HEAT PADLOCK (using the lighter - it opens), ENTER SHOP, SAY
"THE SCENE WAS ALL CHANGED, LIKE THE CHANGE IN MY FACE" (the clown mask comes to life and
asks for your ID), SHOW ID, PUT FACE IN MASK (it moulds itself to your skin) CHECK ID (your ID and
face now match), LEAVE SHOP.

S, E (into the pit), TAKE BUTTERCUP, NE, D (to subway station), WAIT (until a train arrives), ENTER
TRAIN, WAIT (until you arrive at the first station), LEAVE TRAIN, WAIT (until a subway maintenance
worker enters), USE LIGHTER (he tells you about the datastream and "Call me Ishmael" might
come in useful), WAIT (until a train arrives), ENTER TRAIN, WAIT (until you arrive at the station),
LEAVE TRAIN, U (to W 52-53), S, W (into food centre - a clerk asks for your ID), SHOW ID (you
enter), ORDER FOOD, PAY FOR FOOD (you take your package and leave), EAT FOOD.

S, S (to W49-50), W (into walls parlour), WEAR GLASSES, EXAMINE SCREEN (it's a history of the
451 Corps... you see a fuzzy inscription "MONTAG ROOM 210"), E (back to the sidewalk), S,
S, S, S (to W45-46), OPEN DOOR (strong arms pull you inside... you are told to empty your pockets -
DON'T do this or you finish up dead), USE LIGHTER (they realise you are on the same side as
them), ASK WOMAN (she asks if you want a new set of fingerprints), SAY "YES" (the price is
$500), PAY MONEY, USE FINGERPRINTER (they now match your ID), ASK MAN (he offers you an object to
pry up the manhole covers on Fifth Avenue in exchange for your lighter), GIVE LIGHTER TO MAN (note
you can get another lighter at the Hotel - he hands you the manhole tool), E (back to sidewalk).

E (to Fifth Avenue - the hound may check your ID but you should be OK now), USE MANHOLE TOOL, D
(into a drainpipe - you walk for a long time and come to the subway station), WAIT (until a train
arrives), ENTER TRAIN, WAIT, WAIT (until you arrive at the second station), U (to small plaza), SW,
DELIGHT. SOME ARE BORN TO ENDLESS NIGHT" (he will talk to you), SAY "POPE" (get
quote), HANG UP, DIAL NYC-802 (you are connected to Emile Ungar's apartment), SAY "AND ALL
OUR KNOWLEDGE IS, OURSELVES TO KNOW" (the answering machine says "I'm home in
apartment 43R on E51-52 from 6.00 pm. to 8.00 am. Visit me"), HANG UP, GO OUT (to sidewalk).

NE, D (to subway station), WAIT (until a train arrives), ENTER TRAIN, WAIT (until you arrive at the
next station), LEAVE TRAIN, U (to W52-53), E, E (to E52-53), S (outside apartment building), E, TIME
(it must be between 6.00 pm. and 8.00 am. - if it is a long wait SLEEP, otherwise WAIT until the
right time), PUSH BUTTON 43R (a camera points at you and Ungar's voice says "Please
enter"... you enter the elevator and go to the 43rd floor to Ungar's apartment), ASK UNGAR
(he tells you that you can get a Fireman's ID in room 212 on the second floor of 451 HQ, and
gives you his ID... you leave and are back on the sidewalk).

S, S, S, S, S (to outside magic shop), HEAT PADLOCK (using the lighter - it opens), ENTER SHOP, SAY
"THE SCENE WAS ALL CHANGED, LIKE THE CHANGE IN MY FACE" (the clown mask comes to life and
asks for your ID), SHOW ID, PUT FACE IN MASK (it moulds itself to your skin), USE CHEMINDEXER, USE
FINGERPRINTER, CHECK ID (Ungar - Maintenance Man), W (back to sidewalk), S, S, S (to E43-44), E (you
are asked to put your hand on a black panel), PUT HAND ON PANEL, ENTER BUILDING (you pass through
the energy screen), SHOW ID (to the robot), SAY "DIE AND BE A RIDDANCE" (the robot shuts
down), N, READ LABELS, PUSH BUTTON 5 (you take a plastic wafer which is a diagram of the power
network in the library - note you can also get the other four wafers, but they aren't
necessary), LEAVE BUILDING.

W (to Fifth Avenue), USE MANHOLE-TOOL, D (to subway station), WAIT (until a train arrives), ENTER
TRAIN, WAIT (until you arrive at the next station), LEAVE TRAIN, U (to W 52-53), N, N (to outside
451 corps headquarters), READ SIGN (authorised personnel only), INSERT HAND (the energy screen fades
and you enter the building), SHOW ID (to the guard - you enter and climb the stairs to the second
floor), E, E, N, N, W, S, S (to a dead end), OPEN DOOR 212 (it's locked), USE KNIFE (you trip
the latch and enter... you take Norton Dorr's ID then leave the building), E, E, S, S, S, S, S,
ID (now Norton Dorr - a Fireman), W (to sidewalk).

S, S, U (the ramp), W (to W44-45), S, S, S (to W41-42 - you are approaching a barricaded post), S
(you are asked for your ID), SHOW ID, SHOW PERMIT (you enter to the library steps and a hound
approaches), SAY "A LIVING DOG IS BETTER THAN A DEAD LION" (you climb on the hound's
back... it carries you up the steps and into the library - note this is a good place to save the
game and when the guard appears...), FIGHT GUARD, KICK, PUNCH, HOLD or TACKLE GUARD, N (up the
stairs), N, N, W.

W, ENTER ROOM 210, EXAMINE ROOM (you see a woman), ASK WOMAN (it's Clarisse), GIVE BUTTERCUP,
KISS CLARISSE (the door rattles), ASK CLARISSE (she has the microcassettes and says you must
leave... she leads you to a window and points to a drainpipe), U (the drainpipe to the roof - again
you should save the game and when you meet the hound...), FIGHT HOUND, KICK, LEAP ON or HOLD HOUND,
S, W, S, E, S, D, ASK CLARISSE (she says to use wafer 5 to trick the guard), USE WAFER 5, OPEN BOARD
(power board - you pull the wire for this section and everything goes dark... the guard comes out
and you jump him... you enter and Clarisse takes out the microcassettes), ASK CLARISSE (from this
room we can broadcast the contents of these cassettes worldwide), ASK CLARISSE (she points to a
transmitter), EXAMINE TRANSMITTER (you switch it on), INSERT MICROCASSETTE.

SUCCESS says Clarisse
The struggle is over.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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