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Hotel Hell (Hotel_Hell_Mario_Moeller.txt)

Written by Mario Moeller (Base 7 Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

It's winter out at the hotel. You're the caretaker and are responsible for keeping the
hotel and surrounding grounds clean and tidy. Throughout the whole period of your employment with
the hotel you have never experienced a winter as bad as this. The whole place has been completely
covered with a thick blanket of snow; so bad that the entire hotel staff and occupants (except you)
have left the hotel for the entire winter. Fine, not a problem, you told yourself... until the
strange occurrences started; occurrences so bad that you were soon fighting for your life to survive
the hidden horrors of the hotel. Your goal is simple, to get out of the place as quickly as
possible... alive.

Walk Through
(Start in the lounge), EXAMINE COFFEE TABLE, GET CAN, N, E, N (into elevator), U (first floor), S,
W, W (into caretaker's lounge), N (bedroom), EXAMINE PAPERS (Base 7 fliers), EXAMINE CLOSET,
GET PARKA, S, E, E, N (into elevator), D (ground floor), S, W, N, N (loading dock), EXAMINE RAMP,
GET SNOWSHOES, WEAR SNOWSHOES, WEAR PARKA, N (garden path), W, S, S, W (croquet court), GET CROQUET
MALLET, E, N, E, S, S (kitchen), EXAMINE SINK (someone has left it full of oil), FILL CAN (with the
oil), S, E, N (into elevator), D (basement), S, W (store room), EXAMINE CRATES, OPEN CRATES, GET
WRENCH, E, E (boiler room), EXAMINE BOILER (there's an inlet connected to the boiler, used to
release pressure), EXAMINE INLET (it can be opened or closed), OPEN INLET (it's rusted), OIL
INLET (you pour the oil over the inlet), DROP CAN, OPEN INLET (with wrench - you breathe a sigh of
relief as the pressure escapes), W.

N (into elevator), U (you press the up button but nothing happens), LIGHT TORCH, OPEN TRAPDOOR (you
climb up onto the elevator - there is a massive green monster here), HIT MONSTER (with the croquet
mallet - he is dead), D, U (ground floor), S, W, N (kitchen), W (into food store - as soon as you
step past the door it slams shut and is locked from the outside), GET ALL (key and bottle of milk),
LOWER TEMPERATURE (the walls start to crack), KICK DOOR, E (the freezer caves in behind you), DROP
FREEZER KEY, DROP BOTTLE OF MILK, DROP WRENCH, S, E, N (into elevator), U, U, (level 2), S, E, N
(bedroom No.6 - a corpse in a bath is here), EXAMINE BATH (it's full of a dark liquid - a short
chain leads to a hook on the wall), PULL CHAIN (you pull the plug out of the bath), EXAMINE BATH,
GET BOTTLE, EXAMINE BOTTLE (caustic), THROW BOTTLE (it was acid and dissolves the corpse), N (into
S, S, W.

N (into elevator), D (first floor), S, W, W, N, W (ensuite), TURN HOT (tap - the whole room steams
up), EXAMINE MIRROR (there are some letters visible in the fogged up mirror "CFBEGW" -
this is the safe combination), E, S, E, E, N, D, S (main lobby), EXAMINE HOLE, W, S, W, W (bar),
READ SIGN (closed), GET STOOL (gummed underneath is a key), REMOVE KEY, GET KEY MARKED
'L', E, E, N, E, E, E (safe), INSERT KEY, DIAL CFBEGW (the number clicks into place and
the safe unlocks - inside you find an expensive painting, part of a card and a gun), GET CARD (leave
the gun and painting), W (manager's office), EXAMINE DESK (it has a drawer), OPEN DRAWER, GET
STICKY TAPE, EXAMINE FILES (snowmobiles need spark plugs to work).

W, W, N (into elevator), U, U (level 2), S, W, N, W (bedroom No.5), EXAMINE BED (recently been
made), EXAMINE MATTRESS (you see a part of a card), GET CARD, TAPE CARD (you tape the two halves
together), DROP TAPE, E, S, E, N (into elevator), D, D (ground floor), S, W, N (kitchen) EXAMINE
CUPBOARD, GET EMPTY SAUCER, GET BOTTLE OF MILK, S, E, N (into elevator), U (first floor), S, E, E, N
(bedroom No.3), EXAMINE TABLE, GET INSECT REPELLENT, S, W, W, N (into elevator), U (level 2), S, E,
E, N (attic stairs - you enter using the pass - a wasp's nest is here), SPRAY WASPS, SPRAY
WASPS (again), DROP REPELLENT, U, W (attic), EXAMINE BOX (useless junk), MOVE BOX (you discover a
snake skin leading out of a hole in the wall - do not get the skin), EXAMINE HOLE (it's a
mousehole), DROP SAUCER, POUR MILK (a snake slithers from the hole and is poised to strike), HIT
SNAKE (with the mallet - it's dead), DROP MALLET, GET SNAKE (you pull it out and throw it as
far as possible away from you), FEEL HOLE (you find a lighter), DROP MILK, GET LIGHTER, E.

S, E, N (into elevator), D (first floor), S, E, E, E (closet), GET BUCKET (leave the mop it's
of no use), EXAMINE BUCKET (empty), W, W, W, N (into elevator), D (ground floor), S, W (dining
room), EXAMINE TABLE (you find a candle - we will get it later), EXAMINE CLOCK (it's stopped),
N (kitchen), GET WRENCH, N, N, N, E (dump), EXAMINE CAR (a '79 model), OPEN BONNET, EXAMINE
BONNET (see a battery), EXAMINE BATTERY (it's sitting loosely), REMOVE BATTERY, GET BATTERY,
EXAMINE BATTERY (it's empty - not charged), W, S, W, DROP LIGHTER, N, W (garden shed), EXAMINE
WORKBENCH, GET JUMP LEADS, FILL BUCKET (with petrol), E, S, S, S, S, E, E (carpark), EXAMINE CAR,
OPEN BONNET, CONNECT JUMP LEADS (you connect jump leads to the battery and car... you wait until
charged then remove and drop them... you pick up the newly charged battery), REMOVE SPARKPLUGS (with
the wrench), DROP WRENCH, GET SPARKPLUGS, W, W, N, N, N, N, W (into the shed), FIX SNOWMOBILE (using
your mechanical expertise you repair and fuel it ready for use).

FILL BUCKET (with petrol), E, S, GET LIGHTER, S, S, W, W (to where the hedge sculptures are (you are
asked a riddle), TOBACCO (correct but we have decided to kill you anyway... you buy some time
however and while they think...), THROW PETROL (you douse the fiends), LIGHT HEDGE (the hedge
creatures go up in flames), DROP BUCKET, N (playground), DIG (you find explosives), DROP SHOVEL, GET
room), GET CANDLE, LIGHT CANDLE (the wick isn't long enough), REMOVE WICK (you easily pull it
out), GET WICK, INSERT WICK (into the explosives... you now have a fuse), DROP CANDLE, S, E, E, S,
E, S, S, S (front gate), DROP EXPLOSIVES, LIGHT EXPLOSIVES (you witness the destruction of the front
gate), S (as you start to leave you remember the snowmobile and return to it... you kick it into
life and speed down the main drive and out the front gate... looking back at the hotel you cannot
help but feel proud of the fact that you have beaten it at it's own game).

You have finished Hotel Hell

revisions made 2002-04-01

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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