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Ocean Dancer (Ocean_Dancer.txt)

Written by C. Woodhouse  & P. Cooper (Ace Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

You are sailing the high seas of a strange magical world and have been chosen by the divine powers
to find the seven sons of the captain of the Ocean Dancer.  The sons are loved dearly by the divine
one, but not so their father.

1. There are a number of places in the game where timing is critical, so don't take any extra
moves, in particular when hungry on the island and dealing with the dragon.

Walk Through
(Start in your bedroom at home), LOOK THROUGH WINDOW, LOOK UNDER BED (see a dusty painting), GET
PAINTING, EXAMINE PAINTING (covered in dust), BLOW DUST (it comes to life... and you fall into the
painting of  ship... you are floundering in the middle of a deep ocean), SWIM (to the rungs of the
ship's ladder), CLIMB LADDER (to the deck of the Ocean Dancer, an old fashioned sailing ship
where you are hailed as captain), GET CLOTHES (dry), WEAR CLOTHES, GET POT (of healing crème), GET
MEAL, EAT MEAL, EXAMINE SHIP (see a log book), GET BOOK, READ BOOK (tells of seven lost sons), DROP
BOOK, E (bay of flat green land), GO ASHORE (to island), GET ROPE, GET AXE, E (you trip over a tree
stump and fall into quicksand), TIE ROPE (to tree stump) ,PULL ROPE (you pull yourself out), GET
SWORD, W, W (meet a monsterous griffin who attacks you), KILL GRIFFIN (using sword - you are
wounded), USE POT (you are healed), E, S (a large pit is south), WALK AROUND PIT (low ceilinged

E (after five days at sea you see a strange object in the sea), EXAMINE OBJECT (a slimy squid),
THROW AXE (your aim is true), E (you sail into the bay of a mountainous land - you are hungry and
have limited time to find food), GO ASHORE, N (wood), GET BOW, GET ARROW (ignore the dwarf), S, W
(you see a long haired wifflegoat), KILL WIFFLEGOAT (using bow and arrow), SKIN WIFFLEGOAT (using
sword), LIGHT WOOD (using tinderbox - now see a burning fire), COOK WIFFLEGOAT, EAT WIFFLEGOAT (now
full), DROP SWORD, DROP BOW, E, E (see thousands of large hairy spiders, but they won't hurt
you so ignore them), W, N, N (top of rocky ridge), D (see a dragon), E (dragon is following you), GO
CAVE, GET SPEAR, W, W (the dragon is coming towrds you), THROW SPEAR (now dead), E, GO CAVE (see the
body of Verochio, the second son - note if you try to get the treasure you will arouse the wrath of
Orchi and the game will end), SLEEP (you turn into a dragon), FLY (you land on the western side of
the beach where you see a huge unicorn coming towards you), ASK UNICORN FOR HELP (he scratches away
your drsgony scales and you are human once more), BOARD SHIP.

E (into the bay of a low green land with yellow primroses), GO ASHORE (to beach of an island where
you see a mirror and a raft), GET MIRROR, GET RAFT, BOARD SHIP, E (after two days of calm seas a
storm blows up), BATTEN HATCHES (you close the hatches and save the ship from sinking... you sail
into the bay of a small island), GO ASHORE (to a beach with seagulls overhead), N (see medusa),
RAISE MIRROR (now see a stone medusa), DROP MIRROR, S, W, E (edge of pool where you see something
glinting below the surface of the water), EXAMINE WATER (see a golden statue - don't try to get
it however and the pool turns everything to gold, including you), W, SE, E (fast flowing stream),
CLIMB ON (raft... you are floating downstream), GET WOOD, ROW (paddling with the wood you maage to
paddle it upstream), CLIMB OFF (edge of pool), DROP WOOD, GET RAFT, W, SE (beach), BOARD SHIP.

E (sail into a harbour), GO ASHORE (you hear the Ocean Dancer being engulfed by seaweed), S (lawn),
GET LANTERN, N, E (track), EXAMINE TRACK (find a grey key), GET GREY KEY, E (outside a house),
EXAMINE DOOR (see a golden plaque fixed to it), READ PLAQUE (the weed grows by the command of evil
magic and magic therefore must be used to destroy it), UNLOCK DOOR (with grey key), DROP GREY KEY,
OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR (inside house), U (top of stairs), E (in front of door), OPEN DOOR (must do this
before you read the incantation), GO DOOR (to a sunlit room), GET FOOD, EAT FOOD, W, W, N (oak
door), OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR (library), EXAMINE SCROLL (see an incantation), READ INCANTATION 
(Vasandria tells you that when he and his three brothers landed on the island he chose to stay while
his brothers sailed on... he says that the incantation you recited has killed all traces of the
deadly seaweed surrounding your ship), S, S, W (in front of a black painted door), OPEN DOOR, GO
DOOR (into a strange black room), GET ROBE, WEAR ROBE, U (you are magically whisked back in time to
a point somewhere in the ocean), E, E, E (everything is dark), LIGHT LANTERN (using tinderbox), E
(open sunlit sea), DROP LANTERN.

NE (bay), GO ASHORE (see a sign saying "One road leads to ram"), NE (sandy path), N, W, N,
NE, N, SW (open space where you see a flagon of wine, some appetizing food and thiree dirty objects
- note the food is enchanted and if you eat it you fall into a deep sleep, also ignore the wine),
EXAMINE OBJECTS (suddenly a black haired man appears and says he is Ramahl and that the three boys
are Andreas, Pascal and Calvin, the remaining sons... he says that to break the enchanted dreamtime
you must sail on), NE, E, S, S, S, SW (back to beach), GET PADDLE, BOARD SHIP (see great white rocks
looming up out of the depths of the ocean and the ship cannot sail any further), CLIMB ON RAFT,
PADDLE E, PADLE E, PADDLE E, PADDLE E (the raft runs aground on a beach), CLIMB OFF RAFT (onto
beach... suddenly a storm blows up), FIND SHELTER (you enter a cave and meet a unicorn who tells you
that the divine powers have decided that you must return to your own world), CRAWL E (there is a
blinding flash and you are transported back to your bedroom).

SCORE 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive: