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Three Musketeers, The (Three_Muskateers.txt)

Computer Novels
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

1. In this multiple choice game, the numbers given are option numbers.
2. Certain locations are timed so don't delay with responses.
3. Movement is via the function keys - F1 = North, F2 = South, F3 = West, F4 = East.

Walk Through
(You are asked to accept a mission to save the Queen), 3 ("I would sacrifice my life in order
to save thee and the Queen's honour..." - she hands you a letter), 3 ("Cautiously
climb out of window" - you are in a dark lane in Paris), S (to headquarters of Musketeers where
a servant informs you that Mr. Trevilles doesn't want to be disturbed), 2 ("... give
hundred pistoles..." - the servant is affronted), 2 ("... it is no bribe but a meagre
recompense..." - the servant shows you in... he asks what he can do for you), 4 ("I need a
leave for me and my three friends..." - he wants to know what kind of mission and if you have
proof), 3 ("This letter was given to me by a close friend of the Queen..." - you are asked
to swear that the letter doesn't contain secret war documents), 1 ("I solemnly swear this
letter concerns..." - he wishes you luck and takes you to the door... you are on the Rue des
Fossoyeurs at the back of headquarters).

E, E, S, W (Athos' apartment), 2 ("Thou hast obviously had too much..." - he comes
with you), N, N, W, N (Porthos' apartment - he is lying on the sofa asleep), 3 ("Go to
chair in corner, sit down and think for a while", - after an hour), 1 ("Rise, walk a few
restless turns..." - finally he wakes and asks what is thy errand), 1 ("Grab your rapier
and join me..." - he joins you), W, S, S, S (Aramis' dwelling - he is composing a letter
of love), 2 ("Our Queen's honour is at stake..." - he says he will follow but asks
about the leave of absence), 3 ("Of course all such minor details are already taken care
of..." - you leave together), N, W (gates of Paris), W (you show the guard your papers and ride
through the gate onto part 2).

(You are on the road to Normandie), N (by tavern ), 1 ("Enter Tavern" - a drunken man says
"drink with me or die"), 2 ("Ask Porthos to swiftly get rid of him" - you
hurriedly leave and are on a broad highway where a grey man demands a coin), 4 ("Throw him a
gold coin"), N (you meet with armed Cardinalists), 2 ("Cry out for Aremis to detain
them"), N, E, S (into a forest maze), S, E, S, W, S, S, S, E, E, E, E, S, W, S, E, E, S (out of
the forest - you are exhausted), E (you reach a small muster and you stay the night... when you come
down in the morning you pay the host, but as you are about to leave he shouts
"Counterfeiter"), 1 ("Leave to Athos to take care of...").

N, N (Calis), W (harbour), 1 ("I need a boat to take me to England and this one seems to suit
my needs" - the Captain looks insulted...), 3 ("I do apologise if I said..." - he
tells you that you need a passport), 1 ("Where can I get such a passport?" - the Captain
points to a gentleman who is leaving...), N (you catch up with the Cardinal's emissary who
attacks you), 1 ("Draw rapier and attack man"), N (customs where you get your passport
stamped), E (back to harbour via a shortcut... the Captain weighs anchor and you start the journey
to Dover and part 3).

(You are at Dover harbour), N, N, E (into an unoccupied coach, tell the coachman), 2 ("Quick
take me to castle of Buckingham..." - the coachman says he is acquainted with the duke and
requires no payment), 3 ("I thank thee, it is most generous"), N (inside castle - a
servant says the duke is out and to come back later), 1 ("I am on a mission from the Queen of
France..." - he says he will give the letter to the duke), 3 ("I am certain thou
wouldst... but I must deliver it personally" - he says he will furnish you with a horse to find
the duke in the forest and gives you the key to the stable), S, W, W (stable where you pick a
horse), E.

E (into forest), E, N (you are approaching the hunting party but they haven't seen you yet), 2
(Halt and call out "I am sent by French Queen..." - you hand the duke the letter and he
says to follow him... you return to the palace and follow him to his study - he hands you a box of
diamonds to hand to the Queen before the ball commences), 2 (Accept box and say "I'm sorry
being French...." - you open it to verify the contents and discover two diamonds have been
stolen... you are shown out), E, S (outside), S, S, S (Dover), W, W (jewellery who makes copies of
the diamonds), E, N, N, N, N, W.

N (Duke's study - he offers you some gifts), 1 ("I would never dream of accepting a gift
from an Englishman..." - he says to accept them for the Queen's sake), 2 ("Thou art
right, I accept thy offer..." - he has friends who will help you... he gives you a letter for
Count Lewen, a handkerchief for Lord Falk and a third person is a spy but thou must swear it will
remain a secret), 2 ("Solemnly swear..." - you are told the codeword is FORWARD - finally
beware of Mr. Gravel and he gives you a ring to show to him... you are shown out), E, S (outside),
S, S, S (Dover), S (the first mate of the ship is worried about the captain), 2 ("I shall find
him..."), W, S (into pub - the captain is here), 2 ("Come, old boozer...", - he
reluctantly comes with you and you sail to France and onto part 4).

(You return to Calis), S, E, 3 ("Give Password" - FORWARD - he gives you a fast horse), W,
N, W, 1 ("Hand him the letter" - he reads it and gives you a horse), S, S, S, E, 1
("Show him the ring" - he gives you his fastest stallion), S (you are lost but should now
meet the beggar and if you gave him enough money he will tell you the way to Paris), W (to the last
house), W (you hand over the handkerchief and are given a fresh horse), S, S (Versailles), W (into
palace), S (into Queen's chamber - you present the diamonds to the Queen... you are promoted to
Lieutenant and awarded a medal... the Three Musketeers are united and have now become the Four


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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