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Secret of St. Brides, The (Secret_of_St_Brides.txt)

The Secret of St. Brides (CRL)

Look below to solve the very tricky and slightly illogical girl's school based 

You start in a small dormitory, GET LAMP, (Fiona wakes and tells you your stuck 
in 1929), E, U, S, GET NEWSPAPER, N, D, D, W, (you're now in the trunk room) 
OPEN TRUNK, (you find a cat's travelling basket) GET BASKET, E, S, SE, GET CANE, 
GET GOWN, WEAR GOWN, OPEN DESK, (you find a piece of blank paper) GET PAPER, N, 
SW, OPEN DESK, (you find a mouse) GET MOUSE, N, U, (although the staircase is 
marked `Staff Only' you can access it as you are wearing the academic gown) E, 
GET MATCHES, W, D, EXAM N DOOR, (you're told it's the `forbidden door' and 
hasn't been opened for fifty years) EXAM KEYHOLE, (your view is blocked by the 
key inside) USE NEWS, UNDER DOOR, USE PENCIL, PUSH KEY, (you now have the key) 
TURN LAMP ON, N, D, (Fiona and Cynthia `cheese it') N, GET MUSHROOM, W, (you're 
outside `Room 64') OPEN DOOR, (an elephant runs towards you), E, DROP MOUSE, 
(the elephant smashes through the north door) N, (you are in a closet with 
masses of clothes and buckets) EXAM BUCKETS, (you find an old hurricane lamp) 
GET LAMP, (the battery should be running out on your origianl lamp by now) LIGHT 
LAMP, LOOK BEHIND CLOTHES, (there appears to be no wall behind them) N, (you're 
now in a tall chamber) EXAM CEILING, (there is a key hanging from it) EAT 
MUSHROOM, (you grow to 12 feet tall and can now reach the key) GET KEY, EXAM 
PLANKS, (they crumble and reveal a purse) GET PURSE, OTHER MUSHROOM, (you return 
to your normal size) UNLOCK DOOR, N, N, OPEN GRILL, E, U, (at a croosroads) S, 
E, N, (you are by a blasted oak) TURN GOWN, (you are now in a disused quarry) 
LOOK UNDER ROCKS, (you find a bag of explosive powder) GET POWDER, N, E, GO 
TOWER, EXAM GLASS, (you see a misty landscape) GO GLASS, (you are transported 
back to the crossroads) E, E, (a FIR BOLG appears and demands to see some magic 
before he'll let you pass) USE PENCIL, WRITE PAPER, RUB OUT, (the FIR BOLG lets 
you pass) E, EXAM ROCK FACE, (you see a narrow crack) EXAM CRACK, (there's a 
gold coin inside) USE CANE, HOOK COIN, GET COIN, W, W, N, N, (you're in a 
cottage garden) EXAM GARDEN, (you see herbs and flowers) EXAM HERBS, (you find 
some catmint) GET CATMINT, KNOCK, (you're invited in) N, (you meet Merlin the 
alchemist who asks you to bring her cat back) S, S, S, W, (a dwarf offers to 
take you across the lake for `any gold piece') PAY DWARF, (you are taken to the 
island and find a cat up a tree) EAT MUSHROOM, (you grow so you are able to 
reach the cat) USE CATMINT, (the cat comes to you) PUT CAT IN BASKET, OTHER 
MUSHROOM, (you shrink again) GET FERRY, E, N, N, KNOCK, (you're invited into 
Merlin's house again) N, (she thanks you for bringing her cat back and gives you 
a bottle of metal dissolver) GET DISSOLVER, S, S, S, D, W, (back in the tunnel, 
you can see a plank on the floor) GET PLANK, (you can now see some mud) GET MUD, 
(you're asked if you really want to do this) YES, (you'll be asked how you'll 
carry it) IN SATCHELL, DISSOLVE GRATE, (you can now go north) N, SNUFF OUT LAMP, 
arrests you for indecent exposure - and you're locked in a cell) PRETEND TO BE 
ILL, (the Peeler comes in to check on your condition, and leaves the cell door 
open) W, EXAMINE DESK, (there are several papers and a drawer) OPEN DRAWER, (you 
find a police whistle) GET WHISTLE, W, N, E, SE, (you're now back in the St. 
Brides School building) U, (you're in a small bedroom) OPEN WARDROBE, (you find 
a victorian dress) GET DRESS, D, (you're caught and locked into a parlour) EXAM 
BOOKCASE, (you find a leather bound book) GET BOOK, READ BOOK, (it's written by 
Miss Maria Merlin and gives a number of clues, it also gives the address of it's 
authour 25 Merrion Square) DROP BOOK, UP CHIMNEY, (to escape, you're now on the 
school roof) D, (back on the grassy hillside), REMOVE GOWN, REMOVE GYMSLIP, DROP 
GOWN, DROP GYMSLIP, WEAR DRESS, CLIMB FENCE, E, (you're on the bank of a river) 
USE PLANK, CROSS RIVER, DROP PLANK, (on a river beach surrounded by tall trees) 
U, (you see a magpie's nest) EXAM NEST, (you see a pair of spectacles) GET 
SPECTACLES, D, CROSS RIVER, W, CLIMB FENCE, W, (you can now travel that way 
freely as your wearing the dress) N, (in a little cove) EXAM ROCK POOL, (you 
find a large shellfish) GET SHELLFISH, S, S, OPEN PURSE, (it contains a bit of 
cash, and a library ticket in the name of Constance May Hampshire) S, E, (at the 
ticket office) BUY TICKET, S, (a peeler stops you and asks you for your name, 
reply -) MAY HAMPSHIRE, (he'll ask you for some I.D.) SHOW LIBRARY TICKET, (a 
train arrives) BOARD TRAIN, (mud starts to seep from your satchel, and you're 
thrown off the train - at `Ballyhowreyedoin Station') E, SE, (on a grassy 
hillside) EXAM GRASS, (you see a heavy rock) BLOW UP ROCK, (you now see a dark 
hole) D, LIGHT LAMP, (in a poacher's lair, surrounded by shotguns and illegal 
arrives) BOARD TRAIN, (you alight at Amien Station, Dublin) DROP SHOTGUN, W, S, 
(in a little general store) BUY PENKNIFE, OPEN SHELLFISH, (you discover a 
flawless pearl) DROP SHELLFISH, GET PEARL, N, W, S, W, N, (you're in a dingy 
pawn shop) PAWN PEARL, (you get a wad of notes) S, (at any point while your 
carrying money, the `CHANTEAU MOB' may try to mug you. If this does happen BLOW 
WHISTLE to get rid of them) W, N, N, N, (in a fashionable dress shop) BUY DRESS, 
REMOVE DRESS, WEAR DRESS, S, S, S, E, E, N, N, E, (in the forecourt of Gresham 
Hotel - you can't enter the hotel unless your wearing the dress you bought 
earlier) BOOK ROOM, (you wash and brush up, and come down to see a `Maharaja' 
weeping in the corner) TALK MAHARAJA, (she's upset because she can't find the 
secret of happiness) GIVE SPECTACLES, (that does the trick, and she showers you 
with rupees) W, S, S, S, S, W, (in bank) CHANGE RUPEES, (you now have a suitcase 
full of £10 notes) E, N, N, N, N, E, (back at hotel) GO ROOM, (can't enter room 
if haven't got cash filled suitcase) GET BIBLE, DROP NEWSPAPER, DROP KEY, W, W, 
S, W, W, W, (in a labour market) HIRE FOOTMAN, E, E, S, (in the Dublin Post 
Office) WIRE FOR CARRIAGE, (a gilded carriage arrives) N, E, S, S, S, E, E, E, 
(in Merrion Square - home of Maria Merlin if the previously examined book is to 
be believed. So, following the books lead...) GO 25, KNOCK, (you are ushered 
inside - you must have the carriage and the footman to enter No. 25. Ms Merlin 
will ask you a riddle to which the answer is..) A SWORD, (the game is now 
technically finished, but as is explained in the games doc's an extra challenge 
was included by the programmers. You need to find the mysterious amulet)

Starting in Maria Merlin's parlour ASK MARIA ABOUT AMULET, (she gives you a 
clue) GET SILVER KEY, (you can't carry the key unless you've got the bible) D, 
W, W, W, N, N, N, E, S, (in general store) DROP PAPER, BUY OIL, ASK ABOUT 
STRING, (some string appears) BUY STRING, N, ASK FOOTMAN, (you'll be asked what 
to ask him for) A SCREWDRIVER, DROP CARRIAGE, (the footman stays with the 
carriage) GET SCREWDRIVER, E, GET SHOTGUN, WAIT, (a train arrives) BOARD TRAIN, 
N, N, E, LIGHT LAMP, S, S, OPEN GRILLE, W, U, W, (your thrown out of the kitchen 
by the cook) WAIT, W, (the cook's now gone) S, S, (you see a roundhead guarding 
a casket) SHOOT ROUNDHEAD, OPEN CASKET, (you find a gold key and some jewels) 
is now blocked to the north, you need to heed the advice Maria gave you earlier 
and say) SEE SAME, (everything appears to spin round and you can now go) S, S, 
S, U, S, (at some point your lamp may go out if it does USE OIL, FILL LAMP, 
LIGHT LAMP to get it going again) E, U, U, S, (you're now in the small boxroom 
close to where the adventure began) OPEN WIRELESS, GET MAGNET, N, D, D, S, N, D, 
N, N, N, N, N, N, DROP PURSE, SE, U, (back in the small bedroom) UNSCREW 
BEDKNOB, (you see a small steel key at the bottom of the shaft) TIE MAGNET TO 
STRING, USE STRING, GET STEEL KEY, D, N, S, (back at the end of a long dark 
tunnel) JUMP IN MUD, (you land in a dark underground cavern, an iron casket is 
in front of you with a steel, gold, and silver locks on it. As you are in 
possesion of steel, gold, and silver keys you may) UNLOCK CASKET and finish the 
whole damn game...... 

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