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Avaunting, The

Ixion Software ?

D. N. Cruse, M. J. Talbot, S. E. Martin
BBC/Electron info
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Gunness, iamaran


Deep within the ancient history books lie legends of the evil witch Grotty Betty. As a student of the supernatural you take a deep interest in tales of witches and you decide to investigate further. You find many writings about the witch and after months of work you come to the inevitable conclusion that Grotty Betty is still alive and living in a north Somerset village. You decide that you must seek her out and if possible kill her, ridding the world of her evil forever.

Without even picking up your hat you rush off to the bus stop and catch the next bus to the doom-laden village. You get off the bus by the village pond, the only thing you can see is a large green frog!

With considerable apprehension and absolutely no idea of what to do you begin your quest. The only clue you have is a reference to an old magic book, which supposedly accounts the entire history of Grotty and may contain a method by which her destruction may be exacted. A copy of this book lies somewhere in the village, the first thing to do is find it.

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