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Vampire Castle

Micrograf 1984

Andy Mitchell
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dave, iamaran



Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled in a serene valley in a remote part of the countryside. The villagers were peace-loving, and God fearing gentle folk who worked hard to eke out a simple living. It was not an easy life but they were content with their lot.

But all was not peace and tranquility. Each morning they awoke to find more cattle and sheep brutally slaughtered. They had set traps and hunted wolves for a long time but to no avail. Then one morning they awoke to find that one of the villagers had mysteriously disappeared...

Being simple minded, superstitious folk they were terrified. They spent all day searching but with no success. That evening they were awakened by the sound of eerie organ music followed by spine chilling screams. They rushed from their cottages to glimpse a dark shadowy inhuman figure disappear up the narrow winding path that led to the derelict castle. The tall spiky turrets glowered ominously over the valley. The flickering light of a candle wound it's way slowly to the topmost tower. Suddenly there was another scream, the light disappeared, and all that remained was the music...

This could mean only one thing. Yes, you've guessed it: Count Drac's back!

As a leading citizen you of course volunteer, out of bravery or stupidity, to seek out and destroy the evil fiend in his lair - fat chance!! And so you set off on your adventure not knowing what lies in store. You can only be sure that untold dangers lurk around every corner and that one false move means certain doom. Remember, there are fates worse than death!

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User Comments

Gunness (03-10-2012 12:31)

Interesting (if overused) premise, but the vocabulary and parser are a real letdown.