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Five Spheres of Goliath, The

Kansas City Systems 1984

Philip A. Gibbs
BBC/Electron info
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dave, iamaran


It is the year 2150 A.D. The Human race has thrown off the shackles of being restricted to the surface of a small, insignificant blue planet and has ventured into deep space in search of new worlds to colonise.

Vast ships, thousands of metres in length are being constructed in huge orbital dockyards, many miles above the Earth's surface.

These ships serve another purpose however. As well as functioning, as research vehicles the larger ones are used to transport dangerous criminals to distant prisons built on planets many light-years from Earth. Planets, with enviroments so hostile that leaving the four walls of the prison would mean certain death. These prisons were, to all intents and purposes, escape-proof.

You are a prisoner on board The Goliath - the largest of all the exploration/prison ships. Over two miles long, its huge drive-units propelling it to many times the speed of light, The Goliath has long since left the Earth's solar system on its long journey to Gamma Minor - an icy, alien world on the very edge of time and space. The cell in which you are held is small, cramped and uncomfortable and you have been in deep space for almost three months. Even at twenty times the speed of light the journey will take many more months. There is no variation in the daily routine and you await the end of the trip almost eagerly.

One morning, however, you awake to find the ship at rest and no other sign of human activity. The 'Goliath' has been abandoned! Can you escape from your prison cell before you starve and can you find the reason for your apparent abandonment?

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