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Aventuras A.D. 1989

Andrés Roberto Samudio Monro info, Carlos Marques, Juan Antonio Darder, Manuel Gonzalez Martinez, Paco Zarco
Amiga, Amstrad CPC info, Atari ST, C64/128 info, MSX/MSX2, PC info, Spectrum
Based on literature info
Entered by:
Alex, dave, Kozelek



At the time of the splendour of the Roman Empire, its legions spread and dominate the known world. In Hispania, Jabato has become a legendary figure, prototype of the implacable hero in his fight against evil, but with a big heart.

The adventure begins in a Roman prison, a place from which our brave protagonist must try to escape to go in search of his beloved Claudia, captive in distant lands. After leaving prison, he will have to look for his inseparable friends, Fideo and Taurus, to later cross Gaul and reach the Hispanic East. After intervening in a historical battle (the Carthaginian site of Sagunto), he will get the money to travel to Africa, where the second part takes place.

In it he must avoid all kinds of traps and dangers while trying to reach ancient Egypt, since Claudia is a prisoner of a dangerous Egyptian sect that wants to sacrifice her for the glory of their divinities.


Two-part adventure consisting of a total of six episodes with illustrations.

The adventure is based on the comics of El Jabato by Victor Mora, also author of El Capitán Trueno.

The code was programmed in PC and ported from there to the other systems, with changes and tweaks due to the different capacities of each one. Fundamentally the texts of some of the versions of 8 bits are shorter in some places.

In 16-bit versions, when an NPC is present, a drawing of his portrait appears next to the main illustration. There are two main NPCs (Taurus and Fideo) that accompany Jabato in his adventures. There are also 17 other NPCs throughout the adventure.

The NPCs have some independence of movement, especially Fideo. He may suddenly decide to get bored and abandon you, so you'll have to go looking for him to beg him to join you again, as his presence is essential to successfully finish the adventure.

The 16-bit graphics were made in Atari ST and then ported to Commodore Amiga and PC. The graphics of the 8-bit versions were made with the DAAD graphic editor. In PC it was published in CGA version (four colors). An EGA version (16 colors) was not distributed, although it did exist and was edited in the amateur world by the fanzine CAAD.

The adventure was well received by specialized magazines.

It was reissued in the compilation "Comic, Arcade & Adventure", along with other games which also included the adventure Cozumel.

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