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Ke Rulen los Petas

Iber Software 1989

Daniel Diez Sañudo, Fabian Escalante, Javier Aragones, Miguel Angel Borreguero Quesada
GAC info
Amstrad CPC info, C64/128 info, MSX, Spectrum
Humour, Science fiction
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Alex, Kozelek



In a dystopian future in Bangkok, drug addicts Mikel Jakson and Andrés Kasho Mulo fight against the corrupt dictatorship of the evil General Charoen.

After the repression inflicted on the country by General Charoen's coming to power, new classes appeared that monopolized power based primarily on preventing access to culture for the less favoured classes and creating a climate of confusion that would inevitably lead to the most terrible ethnic conflicts.

Andrés Kasho Mulo is, intellectually speaking, the average citizen of Bangkok: he cannot read or write and his vocabulary is reduced to no more than four hundred words. He has been addicted to drugs since he was 7, but it became impossible to find it and now he just smokes what he can whenever he catches it. Not everything about him is bad: he is a muscle mass of 183 kg, capable of destroying the safe of a bank just by leaning on it, although perhaps that is another one of his defects, because sometimes he is unable to control his strength, which can be terrible, so he has generally learned to be peaceful and not to get angry.

Mikel Jakson met Mulo because of a common problem: his addiction to all kinds of drugs; so he decided to convince Mulo that it would be impossible for him to go on without his help. Mikel is different from the rest of the mob. He was able to learn to read in the leaflets of the drugs, which met the therapeutic requirements that his incurable disease demanded. He is nimble and intelligent, and always escapes from Charoen's secret police: the korps.

The last friendly character of the adventure is the old Willis, hardened smoker, sniffer, grinder... of all that they throw at him. He is the last survivor of a resistance group against the corrupt warlord-general-dictator Charoen. He is the only one who knows the traitor Karakulo, who in turn knows the situation of the warehouse where Charoen keeps all the drugs that his secret police confiscate from the mob before its redistribution. It is believed that Karakulo hides in the cells of the dictator's mansion among the rest of the prisoners.

Willis' situation is critical, as his brain pattern is detected by the korps, so he has to wear a lead helmet on his head, which avoids detection. You come into play when Mulo and Mikel return from the city with a ball of hashish that one of them has had to swallow after inserting it in an antacid ball, as they have been located by the korps. They get separated in order to distract them and...


Adventure with illustrations programmed with GAC by the author of Carvalho. It is the first Spanish adventure that included the handling of two protagonists: when the game begins you control Mikel, who is chased by the korps, although you can also control Mulo, once you have found him, by typing CHANGE.

Fonts and spelling have some peculiarities, such as the use of the K or several modified letters (Σ instead of E, Я instead of R).

The MODE command is used to deactivate graphics.

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