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Knight Orc

Level 9 Computing info, Rainbird info 1987

John Jones-Steele info, Pete Austin info
KAOS info
Amiga, Amstrad CPC info, Atari 400/800, Atari ST, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, MSX/MSX2, PC info, Spectrum
Fantasy, misc.
Entered by:
ahope1, Alex, Eriorg, Gunness, Manuel Schulz, Starscream, Strident



Set in three parts, Knight Orc casts you as an oppressed orc in a magical world where all is not as it first seems. For generations humans have been persecuting orcs, and now it´s time to get your own back. Knight Orc is a challenging game which is truly interactive. Each character leads its own life in the game, and their actions can affect you and the outcome of the adventure. Communication with other characters, lerning spells and solving puzzles are all a vital part of the game if you are to escape the mystical world and take revenge on humankind.


Heavily inspired by MUD. This was Level 9's first game utilizing their KAOS engine, setting the standard for games to come: three parts and many puzzles based around NPCs. The C64 version was available in a disc version with graphics and a text-only version with additional text.

The end of the game subtly links it to the Silicon Dreams trilogy.

For a long time, the BBC version was known to have been coded, but it might not have been published after all. This version was finally recovered in 2019 from a test disk held in the archives at the Centre for Computing History.

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User Comments

ahope1 (09-01-2018 16:31)

Don't think Knight Orc was ever actually released for the BBC Micro or Electron:

Strident (24-09-2019 06:13)

The BBC Micro version of Knight Orc has finally been found...

FredB74 (28-09-2021 13:03)

Ported to Commodore Plus4 by a coder named Pigmy in 1991 from the C64. You can find it on Recall collection floppy #178 available in Commodore C16 / C116 / Plus 4 TOSEC.

FredB74 (29-09-2021 10:14)

Plus4World download link: