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Atlantis Software 1986

J. Sutton, P. Sutton
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Humour, Science fiction
Entered by:
Gunness, Sudders, WhenIWasCruel



Aeons ago, whilst out joy-riding in their spaceship, a race of people known as "Morons" managed to stimble upon and subsequently steal the Three Pillars of Time (the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE).
Overcoming their amazement at their good fortune they put the Three Pillars of Time in the Purser's safe aboard the spaceship and set a course for their home planet.
The Moron Captain, being a sneaky sort of Moron, removed the Three Pillars of Time from their place of safe keeping and hid them elsewhere within the ship.
When the crew realised that the Pillars of Tie were missing, they knew that their Captain had been sneaky and promptly killed him.
As the crew's I.Q. was even lower than their now deceased Captain they omitted to question or torture him first to find out where he had hidden the Three Pillars of Time.
They immediately abandoned their posts and began a frantic search of the spaceship.
The ship meanwhile, drifted aimlessly through space until it approached the planet Earth ... on a collision course ...
Realising their danger they managed to put the spaceship in an unstable Earth orbit, then the Moron crew twiddled their thumbs and generally mooched about...
This is where you take over...

Your objective is to teleport aboard the Moron spaceship, find the Three Pillars of Time and teleport back to Earth. To help you, your dead predecessor has scattered 9 replacement Oxygen cylinders and 9 replacement Batteries aboard the spaceship.

You'll need to:
Maintain your life support system
Avoid tripping the Intruder Alarm
Deal with the Moron's pets
Then, if you find each Pillar of Time, you'll have to dispose of the Moron (who comes to claim it), in a novel and unusual way.

Finally you'll need to compete your objective before the spaceship spirals out of its orbit and crashes onto the Earth.

The Morons couldn't find the Pillars of Time... CAN YOU?

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