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Lords of Karma

Avalon Hill info 1978

Gary Bedrosian info
Apple II, Atari 400/800, C64/128 info, PET, TRS-80 info
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Alastair, dave, Gunness



Explore the Magical Universe of Karma!

Suddenly you find yourself in the central square of the mythical city of Golconda, in the magical universe of Karma. Just staying alive may be more than you can handle, but the Lords of Karma are watching your every move and they will not let you rest until you have performed may deeds of kindness and bravery. You must explore the verdant forests, twisting hills, rugged mountains, and labyrinthine caverns of the universe of Karma, gradually learning its secrets and completing your tasks. But watch out, there are lurking monsters waiting for lunch -- YOU!!


The game was initially self-published by the author and later picked up for publication by Avalon Hill in 1981.

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User Comments

m1337sxm-casa (19-05-2014 11:04)

I’m a big fan of Avalon Hill Microcomputer Games and have nearly all of these titles in my game collection. Lords of Karma can’t be 1978 given one primary fact. Avalon Hill in context to computer games first presented offerings to the public for sale at the Origins Gaming Convention on June 27–29 1980 at Chester, Pennsylvania. The first titles to be sold were B-1 Nuclear Bomber, Midway Campaign, North Atlantic Convoy Raider, Nukewar and Planet Miners. The target computer platforms for these original software titles were TRS-80, Apple and Commodore PET. In 1981 Avalon Hill’s Microcomputer Games division released Computer Acquire, Conflict 2500, Computer Major League Baseball, Computer Football Strategy, Empire of the Over-mind, Lords of Karma, Tanktics and Stocks & Bonds. If sources are needed I can provide jpg’s of Avalon Hill game catalogs or point to source references at the Internet

Gunness (19-05-2014 12:26)

very interesting!
My original source is Bedrosian himself (you can check his notes if you click his name in the game entry).
If anything, he wrote the game in 1978 and it wasn't released until later. The game must be from 1980 rather than 1981, though:,249847/

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