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Kingsley's Mansion

James S. Nixon 1992

James S. Nixon
Entered by:
Alex, dave


You have become lost in Harper's Woods on the way back from a rock-hunting expedition. You set your gun down, (there are a lot of poisonous snakes in these woods), and take a good look around. No doubt about it, you are most definently lost. It is beginning to get dark, so you decide to wait until the light of day before trying to find your way out. You prop up against a tree and wait for morning to come. Suddenly, a huge old two-story mansion magically appears before you. You had heard old rumors that a mansion such as this would appear in these woods on the same night every year, only to dissappear before dawn, following screams of terror from within and a raging fire that engulfs the mansion in flames. Supposedly, a mansion did once stand in these very woods many years ago. On one fateful night, the mansion was destroyed in a blazing fire.

Dr. Benjamin Kingsley, his daughter Alexandria, and their maid Rosa all perished in the fire. It is speculated by some that Dr. Kingsley went insane, murdered Alexandria and Rosa, then upon realizing what he had done, in a state of guilt-ridden madness, set the fire himself. No one knows for sure the exact events of that horrible night.

This is the first part of an adventure. It seems the second part never has been written.

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by Alex
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User Comments

bobdobbs12345 (21-07-2012 06:34)

Need to find a walkthrough guide for this. I've been looking for it since 1998 XD

Alex (22-07-2012 21:06)

With the walkthrough I wrote tonight you can finally solve it :)