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Se-kaa of Assiah

Mastertronic, Mastervision 1984

Clive Wilson, Les Hogarth
C64/128 info, Spectrum
Fantasy, misc.
Entered by:
Exemptus, Gunness



When the Wise Ones ruled the land, produce was plentiful and the people happy. But then came the Dark Hordes, a mutated race of evil beings who brought death and destruction to the realm, and stole the Great Artefacts of the Wise Ones. These were the Rod of Light, the Casket of Vib-ra and the Hammer of Vib-ra.

Your quest is twofold: first you must find the whereabouts of the Great Artefacts, which have been hidden in the grim Castle of the Dead in the lands of Assiah; and second, you must escape from the castle and return the Artefacts to their rightful owners.

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User Comments

Gunness (22-10-2014 06:43)

I can only recall this as being slow and monotonous.

Richard Bos (22-10-2014 15:08)

You're not wrong, there. Identical room after identical room, only distinguished by the colour scheme. I gave up on it out of boredom, and irritation at the incessant chirping on input.

Gunness (23-10-2014 06:36)

I played it a whole lot more than it deserved, only because I bought it and thought that I'd get all the mileage possible out of my very limited financial reserves.

Ah, the lure of discount software...

Exemptus (26-11-2020 13:42)

Pretty poor overall: too many vocabulary quirks, ill-designed puzzles and arbitrary situations where the player has to read the authors' mind. Too tedious to play to be of general interest.