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Starship Quest

Adventure Workshop, The info, Elk Adventure Club, The info, FSF Adventures 1988

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Science fiction
1: Magnetic Moon, 2: Starship Quest, 3: Revenge of the Space Pirates
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You are Sub-Lieutenant Mike Erlin of the spaceship “Stellar Queen”. After freeing the ship from the grip of the “magnetic moon”, the ship is now in space, heading for a hyperspace jump point. You are now certain that the secret of the two discs given to you by the beautiful princess Jaelaine, is to be found on the mother planet of the moon you’re speeding away from. The captain has told you that the ship cannot turn back, so you once again decide to jump ship and go it alone... But you only have TWO MINUTES to get off the ship – can you do it in time?!


The original Electron/BBC version was Quilled. The Spectrum remake was created with, and converted to the Amstrad, using the PAW.

The Spectrum 128K version is a more expanded, larger game than the 48K edition.

Larry later converted the game to Amstrad CPC/PCW using the CP/M version of the PAW. The Amstrad version was published by The Adventure Workshop.

A C64 version of this game, by The Guild, was planned and mentioned in Commodore Force #1 (January 1993), but it was never released.

In 2019, an ADRIFT version for PC was released, both as a Windows executable and an ADRIFT blorb-file. The game can also be played online at though it probably hasn't been tested online. The game can also be played on Android using Fabularium but the ADRIFT 5 interpreter in Fabularium still has some bugs so some games cannot be completed on Android.

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