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Microdeal, Spectral Associates 1984

Scott Cabit
Dragon 32/64 info, TRS-80 CoCo
Based on film/TV/radio, Science fiction
Entered by:
Alastair, Gunness



After a near fatal duel with the Dark Lord, Darth Vader, you find yourself trapped aboard a section of the Deathstar with little strength and with Vader waiting nearby. You may not be able to destroy Vader but he guards a computer which holds half of the transporter coordinates that you desperately need. To have any chance against him you must reclaim your light sabre which you lost in the previous duel, but Vader has placed a Huge Ugly Alien in guard of your weapon. Can you discover something that will destroy the creature? Vader has also depressurised the corridor which contains the computer that holds the other half of the transporter coordinates, as well as the transporter itself, and the elevator necessary for your escape.

Beyond the elevator your path is blocked by force fields. Only the Glowing Emerald holds the power to let you pass the fields unharmed, but the gem is in the ship's vault. You may be able to use the transporter to reach the vault, but without your communicator how will you get out? You know you lost your communicator in your last encounter with the Dark Lord and that it now lies in a pit at the base of a cliff on the planet below, but will it still work?


This game also contains arcade sequences for which an analogue joystick is required.

Inspired by Star Wars.

Resources (Upload file)

by Alastair
by farique
Fixed game
by Alastair (Save games after the arcade mini-games)
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User Comments

Alastair (02-05-2012 20:32)

Sudden death syndrome, trial-and-error situations with game ending results if you guess wrong, and a ridiculously tricky arcade game that you need to beat twice. In other words, this program contains all the elements that you don't want in an adventure game.

Gunness (09-04-2018 11:38)

I must admit that the keyboard bashing suggested on the title screen didn't exactly give me high hopes...

Alastair (09-04-2018 22:39)

Jacob, resetting the computer is how you get an NTSC CoCo to switch the artifact colours around (it's all to do with whether the graphics chip powered up on the rising or falling edge of the clock). Thus a screen with instructions to keep pressing the reset button until the right colour is displayed is pretty common on CoCo games that utilise artifact colours. (As to what artifact colours are, it's a way of getting extra colours from a black and white screen but it does not work in PAL - compare the PAL Dragon and NTSC CoCo screenshots of the same locker screen.)

Gunness (11-04-2018 07:30)

I stand corrected - I wasn't aware of the method you mention. I recall seeing something about the colour artifacting some time ago.

On a related note - have you completed the game? I received a message from a nice chap who was struggling to solve it.

Alastair (11-04-2018 20:50)

Jacob, you need a refresher course of how to use your own site! Do you see below the "Resources" section where it says "Users who have solved this game"? Yes, I solved Syzygy many moons (or should that be Deathstars?) ago, and have received a similar message for help to which I have replied with what I can currently recollect about the game.

Gunness (13-04-2018 08:04)

Alastair, no worries - I'm quite familiar with the functions of my own site :)
Allow me to rephrase - as there is no walkthrough for the game, "have you completed the game *and* can you remember how to do this?"
I've solved a lot of games over the years, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I can recall how to solve all of them. Far from it, actually.

farique (09-05-2018 00:25)

For a moment I thought I was the nice chap sending the messages but I just checked and it was to someone else.
The thing is, I just finished the game thanks to Alastair .cas files (I couldn't beat the second Vader on Xroar, and I've tried, oh I have) and I think I still remember enough to try to make a walkthrough. As Gunness commented, there is not a single one on the whole of the internet and this cannot be.
I will have to replay the game to get things right, tho, should I?

Alastair (09-05-2018 20:25)

Farique, there is no need for you to create a walkthrough. I have created one and will upload it once I am satisfied that the nice chap has made sufficient progress that he will not be tempted to use the walkthrough.