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Melbourne House 1985

James Byrne, Peter Jones, Roger Taylor info, Trevor Lever
Amstrad CPC info, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, Spectrum
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Gunness, iamaran, Strident



Could you survive a two-week package holiday there, with wife Beryl and kids Doreen and Ken? Among the many perils, you risk being gored by a bull, buried up to your neck in sand, being poisoned, dying of heatstroke, losing an argument with a shark and being run over by a Eurojuggernaut.

The object of the game is not merely to survive the holiday, but to take ten snapshots to prove you did it.


Peter Jones & Trevor Lever - Game concept and storyline
Mike Robinson - Graphics and cover illustration
Roger Taylor & James Byrne - Programming

The game was developed in the Quill then adapted for release using Roger Taylor & James Byrne's 'Ashminster' code.

The (English-language) Dutch release was published by Aackosoft.

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User Comments

darius (18-07-2010 11:37)

Terrormolinos is no mean feat. A humourous game about a holiday trip to Spain with your family much is fitted into this single parter. The preparations of a typical charter trip and the flight over. The actual stay in Torremolinos where you have to take 10 photos to prove you've been there. And finally the trip back home. It also manages to contain quite a few graphical images; not only the ten perfect snapshots but also a couple of images showing some disastrous, premature endings of the game. All this is moulded in a typical British, sarcastic humour. However, or maybe because of, this game is mainly for the connoisseur. A primitive parser, many sudden deaths and a persistent feeling of not knowing what to do next brings down this game. Still, if you are looking for an unusual theme for an adventure game or just want to have some good laughs you could do worse than trying out Terrormolinos.

Exemptus (14-01-2024 18:56)

There was a bit of faff in the Spanish press when the game first came out, but I find it pokes more fun at the British than at anything else. The tone vaguely reminds me of "Mad Martha II" (sharing a common theme) but this is actually playable. I personally find it inferior to "Hampstead", the authors' former work, as this game feels a bit too niche and lacking in subtlety. Liberties with the vocabulary and weakish puzzles don't help its case.