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Escape from the Soviet Science and Detention Base

David Meny ?

David Meny
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ChickenMan, Gunness



You are a government agent who must escape from prison and prevent missiles from being launched against your country.


The game originated as a type-in listing in a magazine. Alan Laughton created an unofficial port for the Microbee.

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User Comments

Gunness (22-08-2012 07:31)

Seems to be rather buggy.

ChickenMan (09-05-2013 06:16)

Sorry, left this off last time, a TXT file that came with the source many moons ago.

Escape From Soviet Science And Detention Base.


David Meny


Hello, this is my first adventure game written in BASIC. I hope you enjoy
this game and find it as challenging to play as it was to write. I am
encouraging you to study the structure of the program and write your own. I am
now working on my second adventure, PIRATE TREASURE, taking place on a pirate
ship and a desserted island. It should be available soon. Now, on with the


Escape From SSADB is a text adventure in the tradition of great adventures
like Zork by Infocom and Adventure by Scott Adams. This program isn't as
complicated as Infocom's, which uses full sentences, and only uses two word
commands like GET KEY or HIT COMPUTER.
In Escape From SSADB, you are a government agent captured by the Russians
and taken to a secret base hidden somewhere in the United States. While you are
there you learn of the Soviet's plans to fire nuclear missles from inside the
US and make it look like an inside job, thus making the Soviets safe from
counter attack. You must save the US from nuclear attack by getting out of your
cell, finding proof about the missles and escape the Top-Secret base. If you
succeed you will be a national hero; if you fail the US is doomed.
Now take your trustee brick and newspaper (you'll see in the game) in hand
and venture forth in to the realm of spies and agents.


Listed below are a few simple commands used by the program. Remember, if
you use a command like THROW ROCK the program will follow by asking you what
you want to throw it at.

GET (object) - to take an object
DROP (object) - to put down an object
THROW (object) - to throw an object at something
SCORE - to show your current score
QUIT (or Q) - to leave the game
INVENTORY (or I) - to show what you are carrying
GO NORTH (or N) - to go to the north
(The same for all other compass directions (N,S,E,W,U and D))


If you find a bug in the program, or would like to tell me about game hints
or comments, then write me at the following address:

David Meny
2923 Carmel Way
Fairfield, CA 94533