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Treasures of Barsoom

Microdeal 1985

BASIC info
Dragon 32/64 info, TRS-80 CoCo
Science fiction, Type-in info
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Treasures of Barsoom appeared in The Cuthbert Chronicle (Vol. 1, No. 5), which was Microdeal's own preview/review magazine. Anyone who did not want to type in the game could instead buy it direct from Microdeal's mail order arm (Micromail).

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User Comments

Alastair (25-08-2012 19:48)

Like the first Cuthbert Chronicle game (Skid Row Adventure) the location descriptions contain American spellings so it is likely that the game was originally written for the CoCo and may pre-date the Microdeal copyright year (1985) that appears in the listing.

Gunness (26-08-2012 19:23)

Wasn't it a Microdeal specialty to buy the license to American games and relabel them as Cuthbert games? That seemed to be the deal with the arcade titles, anyway. The games varied wildly, visually, so Cuthbert changed appearance all the time :)

Alastair (26-08-2012 22:58)

Jacob, that is true for many an arcade game that Microdeal sold, but in this case the only link with Microdeal's mascot (Cuthbert) is that the game appeared as a listing in an issue of the Cuthbert Chronicle magazine.