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Missione Odessa

Gruppo Editoriale Jackson info 1986

Mauro Giorgi, Paolo Giorgi
C64/128 info
Based on literature info, Spy/secret agent, War
Entered by:
Alex, Gunness, Zuperfaust



You are a Jewish worker from Stuttgart, David Liebermann. The Americans freed you in the Nazi concentration camp, and you were taken to the Allied headquarters. There, you came to know Mr. Wiesenthal. When Simon Wiesenthal set up the Jewish Documentation Centre in Linz, he called you to help him in the investigations. You were so good at your new job that you were always chosen for the most risky missions.

One day, Mr. Wiesenthal's moles in Berlin informed him that, apparently, the old and decaying house of the Bauleiter (Mayor) of Berlin was being used for meetings of a new Nazi organization: ODESSA.

The meetings were to allow Nazis to escape abroad. Reportedly, some documents were still in that house, and could be retrieved before the next meeting. The documents were very important: a list of 1,500 high-ranking SS; a new escape plan; and an old plan, which is important to trace back the Nazis already escaped.

Your mission is to find out and bring those 3 documents. Timing is of paramount importance. You have only one night before the new meeting is held. Moreover, the house is located in the Russian Sector of Berlin, and this means you must pass the checkpoint.


Inspired by Frederick Forsyth's novel The Odessa File.

This game is bugged. A workable version can be found here. The only bug encountered is in the very last room, but if you type the command and don't try to go south, it works and you can finish the game successfully.

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