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Sibilla, La

Gruppo Editoriale Jackson info 1989

Eugenio Rapella
C64/128 info
Entered by:
Alex, Gunness, Oighen, Zuperfaust



You are together with your girlfriend, when a witch turns her into a cat. To break the spell you must find seven letters scattered around and hidden, in order to compose the magic word that must be yelled at the witch.

If you are unsuccessful, however, you'll be turned into a frog.


Published with issue 22 of Super Commodore 64/128 magazine.

Originally all commands were supposed to be typed in lowercase, but apparently the Gamebase/d64 version requires some uppercase, too. This is explained in the solution.

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User Comments

Oighen (18-06-2017 22:51)

Hi all, I'm the author of the game and I want to thank Zuperfaust for the time dedicated in writing about my "micro-adventure"; Zuperfaust correctly interpreted the spirit of the game.
As far as the "uppercase/lowercase" problems, I don't know what happened in the d64 file; in the original game all the words were supposed to be typed in lower case.
As far as Zuperfaust's note:
"You cannot die, the worst thing that could happen to you is to be turned into a frog if you yell the wrong word. Anyway, if your girlfriend is a cat, being a man or a frog is not important, after all. Or is it?"
... well, after being turned into a frog, the protagonist well knows that love between a frog and a cat is not very likely; his question "do you know if cats like frogs?" is from the "gastronomic viewpoint" ... he's scared!

Gunness (25-06-2017 06:37)

Thanks for posting your comments - it's always good to hear from game authors!
(and sorry about taking so long in getting back to you!!)