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Purple Eye, The

Marshall Cavendish 1984

BASIC info
C64/128 info
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Alex, Strident



In the face of financial collapse you have fled into the deep forest. The solution to your problems lies in finding the fabled jewelled eyeball of The Purple Icon and passing the final test.


Heavily based on the magazine type-in Input Adventure but with an expanded map, additional objects and tweaked puzzles.

Probably *not* published by Marshall Cavendish, the producers of INPUT magazine, but that is how the game is credited.

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User Comments

Alex (12-10-2021 12:33)

I don't think this is a magazine type-in. If you look at the listing it had a copy protection which would be strange having it in a magazine type in. I'm referring to lines 0,1,2,365,405,780,1445,1605,1985 and 1986. After loading the game and decrunching it you can't list the game without adjusting these lines.

Strident (12-10-2021 17:39)

I guess that someone could've jazzed it up a bit and copy-protected it. Marshall Cavendish is a magazine publisher, responsible for such publications back in the day as INPUT, but I'm not sure (without researching) what the "ZOW" on the first screen refers to. Gamerbase64 have it listed under Marshall Cavendish Ltd/LIST.

Strident (12-10-2021 17:41)

Aha... I thought it might be INPUT... I think it's what we would normally refer to as INPUT Adventure; from issue 9, page 264.

Strident (12-10-2021 17:42)

Or rather, see our existing entry...

Strident (12-10-2021 18:22)

Judging from your map, it is a bit of an expanded version of the game, though.

Alex (12-10-2021 19:23)

Ok, I see, yes this version is slightly bigger with some more puzzles. The one who enlarged it added probably the LIST protection. So the original might be a type-in, but this one wasn't.

Strident (12-10-2021 20:49)

Technically, following site policy, this entry should be combined with the Input Adventure one; but it might just be less confusing if they stay as separate linked entries, given the fairly substantial differences in map and some differences in solution.

Alex (13-10-2021 05:51)

I agree, due to the differences I would keep them apart.