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Liberacion de Silvania, La

Aventuras FJAP 1993

Francisco Javier del Aguila de la Puente
Fantasy, misc.
Entered by:
Alex, Kozelek



Grouped in villages at the foot of the Silver Mountain, the Sylvans were a prosperous and peaceful people, ruled by a wise Council of Elders. Many travellers came to settle among those good people.

The Sylvans possessed the Gem of Destiny, guarded by the royal family in the Palace, high on the Silver Mountain, which gave kings power over people's destinies, but it was never used with malice.

During Queen Pari's life, a great threat appeared in Silvania: an army of bloodthirsty grargs tried to take away their lands and gem. With them came their most powerful magician, Magrag.

Faced with imminent danger, Pari of Silvania obtained permission from the Council of Elders to use the gem. He entered the Silver chamber, took the Gem and shouted the magic words that would unleash his power...

A great thunder echoed. Magrarg's power had collided with the power of the Queen and the Council of Elders, through the Gem. Sylvans and grargs staggered equally beneath the mental shock.

One of the Elders was the son of a grarg who had settled peacefully among the Sylvans. When the mental battle reached greater fury, he could not bear it and collapsed. Magrarg roared triumphantly.

Since then the Sylvans have lived as slaves of the evil lord of the grarg, Ogban, and victims of his murderous horde.

But one hope remains: Queen Pari had a son, Kylar, who has been secretly raised by a hermit. Before Pari died, she had placed in her son's mind the secret of certain magical objects whose power was superior to that of the Gem of Destiny. Kylar went to collect these objects but when he was about to reach his goal he was killed by a grarg thief. All the magical objects he had found returned in a moment to their place of origin.

Since then the elders entrusted the mission of recovering them to a series of loyal and dignified Sylvans. All have failed so far. Now they pray to everyone who listens to them, does anyone want to help us?


The adventure is based on the book The Mystery of Silver Mountain, by Chris Oslade and Judy Tatchell which was translated and published in Spain by Anaya in 1985. It is a hybrid between book and computer program. The book tells you the "background story" of the adventure, and provides you with a map of it, along with beautiful illustrations of each of the locations (in many cases the drawings of these locations contained important clues for the game). On the other hand, a computer program was the game itself, although it was impossible to finish the game without the information present in the book as both complemented each other.

FJAP made his adaptation taking advantage of the plot and the descriptions, but rewriting the program completely in Pascal. He also took advantage of the capacity of the PC to incorporate all the descriptions of the book in the program, so the result is a complete adventure that can be played without the book. The descriptions were improved and expanded notably.

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