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Villa del Seis, La

Joan Alba Maldonado 2006

Joan Alba Maldonado
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Alex, Kozelek



The game is set in a real place called La Mussara.

It is a village at the top of the mountain, already abandoned, which belongs to the municipality of Vilaplana (province of Tarragona). The village is in ruins. Among them, the church is the object of all kinds of stories: they say that there are satanic graffiti, that it is frequented by people who make strange rituals, etc..

It is also a very well known place, next to Tivissa (another town that also has a similar fame, but this one is not abandoned), because of the large amount of UFOs they say are being observed.

It is common to hear stories about the disappearance of several people, strange loss of the notion of time and space, unusual phenomena such as the sighting of ghostly beings, etc.

All this is surrounded by a fog that is often omnipresent throughout the mountain range where the village is located. Further down, in the same mountain, there is a military camp already abandoned (Los Castillejos) quite large (with dozens and dozens of houses, some with basements, as well as the streets. All abandoned).

The Village of Six is an imaginary village where they say that those who disappear from La Mussara, or at least some who step on a stone located near some television antennas that are in that mountain, end up.


"Many of the photos were taken by my girlfriend and me at night in that village. The photos that have been taken during the day were made also by her and me, but some of them were also made by a friend of mine (a couple of years ago). The photos that were taken during the day have been altered to make them look like night. Most of the objects are photos that we have done and then tweaked. The rest (I think it's only one), are drawn.

Everything else (story and narrative, script, etc.) we did in a notebook and then transfered it to the computer. We changed some things because of engine limitations (or rather because of laziness)."

(Comments of the author, Joan Alba Maldonado)

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