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Chelsea of the South Sea

Rihannon Software 1984

Elisabeth Stott, Lucy Ewell
Apple II, C64/128 info
Entered by:
Gunness, Starscream



The C64 version may not have been released.

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User Comments

Starscream (27-06-2017 18:15)

Probably didn't make for C64, but it was released for the Apple II.
Unfortuantely I don't think it has been dumped yet. Rhiannon put out some similar games, one that is also available for the C64 and other platforms and you can try is "Jenny of the Prairie".

Gunness (18-07-2017 14:10)

Looked at Jenny of the Prairie some months ago and came away with the impression that it wasn't an adventure game. But I just found a Youtube video of the game and I guess I was wrong.
Do you know what Chelsea otSS is about?

Starscream (20-07-2017 14:03)

Chelsea is about being stranded on an island. I assume these games are all very similar, gathering tools, food, trying to figure certain situations to ultimately survive etc. I think for some actions you need to type them in via a rudimentary parser, I don't quite remember from my Jenny playsessions some years ago.
Besides Jenny, you can also get the C64 Cave Girl Clair relatively easily from the web. PC version is also "out there".

"Rihannon" looks to be typo of Rhiannon? Unless there is an alternative spelling.

Gunness (21-07-2017 09:42)

Ok, I'll check further. Regarding the company name I got it from Games That Weren't, which consistently calls it Rihannon:

But of course they could be wrong.