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Doomsday Lost Echoes

Doomsday Production info 2016

Alberto Riera, Dani Castaño, Themistocles Papassilekas
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Science fiction
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”The name is Mike. I was born in a miserable hole on New Hope, the capital of Kepler 452b, a misplaced planet in the constellation of Cygnus. I grew up in the streets among thieves, whores and goons. Life was not easy, but somehow I did not become one of them. In fact, I only wanted to escape and forget Kepler forever.

Soon I realized that if you belong to the dregs of the world the only chance to board a ship is to become a crew member. To achieve this I had to become part of the Sinotec army. I hated them but it didn’t matter; I worked hard, gritted my teeth, and they admitted me to the military academy.

When I was assigned my own patrol ship, a fighter nicknamed Doomsday, I knew that she could be my ticket out of Kepler. I messed with her tracking system and one night, with civil unrest erupting on the planet, I left with just a few personal things.

My first port of call was The Pit, an old station full of space pirates, renegades and hookers. The Pit has been my home to this day. I actually like it here, there is freedom and the universe is a big place full of opportunities.

Well… I’m sorry but I guess that I need to cut the chit-chat short. You know, I received this one e-mail about a lost worker in the Regus, an abandoned space station. Somebody wants me to go inside and find what terrible fate descended upon him.”

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