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Citadel of Corruption

Digital Dynamite 1989

David Picking, Kevin Crampton
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C64/128 info
Fantasy, misc.
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Alex, dave, Gunness, travelkev



You view the Citadel with a mixture of awe and dread through your tired and watery eyes. It has taken you most of the day to travel from your village, fighting your way through the forest of narrow, overgrown paths. You sit for a minute knowing that, much as the very thought sends icy shivers tingling down your spine, you're going to have to find a way inside the Citadel.

You could run away, the thought has entered your mind more than once, but that would mean deserting your family, leaving them in the village far behind. Besides, you have nowhere else to go. Two others have come here before you, each having drawn the short straw back at the village, but the raised drawbridge confirms your worst fears. They have either given up and run away, knowing they could not return to the village, or worse, something still lives within seeking to prevent others foolhardy enough to try and enter.

Someone has to do something, you're only sorry that this 'someone' is unlucky enough to be you. If the invisible, but not unnoticed, force which frequently emanates from the Citadel is not stopped then the small area of arable land left near your village will become unsuitable for crops, just like the rest. The village will not be able to survive.


The game was only released as part of a compilation named Gems.

Dimension Adventuring was the name that David Picking and I used but then the game was sold and marketed through Digital Dynamite.
Although we wrote other games, there were none others that were published.
The game wasn’t written for any particular occasion, it was at the end of our school days and was perhaps the last thing that David and I collaborated on before we went off to further studies and moved to different ends of the country.

Kevin Crampton.

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