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Transylvanian Adventure

Argus Specialist Publications, Games Computing 1984

Vampire Castle
Steve W. Lucas info
BASIC info
BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, Oric/Atmos
Myths and legends, Treasure hunt, Type-in info
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Garry, iamaran, leenew, Strident



You were on holiday in a remote part of Transylvania when your car ran out of petrol. You left it at the side of the road when a horse-drawn cart drew up and the driver offered you a lift. Night was falling when a sudden howl in the distance frightened the horses and they bolted. You were thrown from the cart and were left at the side of the road with nothing in your pocket. As the cart drove off, you heard the driver shout that there are *treasures* to find!
You must try to find your car and some petrol to start it. In the process, you must also find those treasures.


This was published by Argus Specialist Publications as a BASIC type-in listing for the Commodore 64 in Games Computing, issue 8, August 1984, pp. 80-84. Conversion notes were provided for the BBC/Electron and Oric in REM statements in the original listing. The Adventure is titled 'Transylvanian Adventure', but the article is titled 'Vampire Castle'.

The original listing has several bugs, one of which prevents the game from being completed. See Garry's solution for the essential bug fixes. At the time of writing, the BBC version downloadable from had fixed most of these.

There is a version for expanded (16K) VIC-20 available on the VIC-20 listings site.

As with many of Steve Lucas' type-ins, several unofficial ports are archived online, often under different titles and sometimes with different authors credited.

The Vampire Castle listed on GameBase64 and credited to L R Taylor includes a lot of bugs that aren't in the original.

A Poly-1 port, titled Vampire Adventure, is credited to Grant Dickson and S. Blackburn.

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User Comments

leenew (11-02-2020 22:36)

Could someone let me know what bugs I have introduced in the version please?
I will fix it up asap.

leenew (17-02-2020 00:22)

The game should be fixed now.
Thanks to Garry for pointing out a couple of bugs and spelling errors.