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Dark Hospital, The

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It was just a blink. Or maybe a thousand years. A serious sense of strangeness haunts me when I open my eyes again and look around. I recognize this bathroom. It is the same one I have used on so many other occasions, the one adjacent to my daughter's room. But something has changed. The dim light of the flashing light bulb hardly allows me to discern it, but something has changed. That unnatural light which, rather than illuminating, plunges everything further into the darkness. That rancid and penetrating smell. That buzz that pierces my brain... It is the same toilet, but it is not... I look into the mirror to make sure that it's still me, that it's me who's still here, that at least this remains immovable. But it's broken and it's incapable of giving me back my image. Then I remember it. My little daughter. She must still be out there in her hospital room. She can't move from her bed. She cannot speak. She can't eat except for those damn tubes that desecrate her body... How long will this suffering last? Can she ever wake up? Can we get out of this damn room? This damn hospital? I need to see it. I need to get out of here and see her right away...


The Dark Hospital is the first game in the new mystery and terror adventure series for ZX Spectrum Noisy Valley. In this first episode, the story allows the player to take on the role of a man whose little daughter remains in the city hospital, but who has little or nothing to do with the one he remembered until recently.

The game has the following technical characteristics:

* 48 locations, the vast majority of which have on-screen graphics
* More than 3200 lines of text among descriptions, messages and conversations
Vocabulary composed of more than 500 words
* More than 50 objects. A collectible object system to increase the game's final score.
* Possibility to find some other characters trapped in the hospital and converse with them.
* 5 endings depending on the decisions taken and the actions taken, which will determine the personality of the protagonist. Each of these endings may also vary slightly depending on secondary actions and decisions taken throughout the game.

Due to the amount of text and the number of graphics included, the game is only compatible with ZX Spectrum models 128K (128, +2, +2A, +2B, +3).

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