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Islands of Sinbad, The

Zenobi Software info 1997

Jack A. Lockerby
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Myths and legends
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Gunness, Strident, Sudders



Throughout the country people were dropping like flies and your poor unfortunate family were to be no exception. After ten days of harrowing sickness both your Mother and Father passed away and you found yourself alone in the world for the first time in your life. Grief stricken and distraught you vowed to leave this place of sadness and to journey to happier places. So it was that you made your way to the local harbour where you signed on as a deck-hand on a vessel bound for the islands of the Eastern Seas.

For the first part of the voyage your mind was spent more in learning how to keep the contents of your stomach where they belonged than in enjoying the new vistas that came your way. But after a while you gained your "sea legs" and things took on a healthier glow.

"Looks like there is a storm brewing," said the first mate and you saw no reason to doubt him. After all, he had been a sailor all his life and was surely capable of reading the signs of such a thing approaching. Sure enough that night a great storm broke and though your vessel was a stoutly built one it was still tossed about like a cork. You hung on to the sides of your bunk and prayed for the storm to abate, but worse was still to come. A great wave, almost four times the height of your ship, crashed down around it and sent it and the crew to the bottom of the ocean. Luckily for you somebody up there decided that now was not your time and you found yourself cast ashore on a large island.


Some sources on the Internet list this game as 1987, but that is an error as you can clearly see from the copyright on the loading screen.

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