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Jara-Tava: The Isle of Fire

Satchel 1988

Dean Hodgson info, Steve Walsh
Amiga, Amstrad CPC info, Apple II, C64/128 info, PC info
Educational, Stuck on island info
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FredB74, Gunness, iamaran, Strident



It began a few days after the death of Uncle Bartholomew. Late one evening a courier arrived with a large envelope. It contained a strange letter, and ancient map of a report tropical island called Jara-Mau and a book of travellers cheques.

The letter:
In my youth of long ago,
When muscles were strong and eyes aglow,
Although bequeathed this ancient chart,
Upon the quest I did not start.
And so to you I leave this map,
A chart fraught with many a trap,
Search well for upon it hid
Is the treasure of Captain Kidd
But warning I give in your quest:
This journey will prove a mighty test,
The isle of Jara-Mau is pleasant indeed,
But to visit Jara-Tava oray there is no need.

Intrigued and excited by the challenge of recovering pirate treasure, you begin the long journey to Jara-Mau. Is Jara-Mau the home of the treasure of Captain Kidd? And what of the warning of neighbouring island Jara-Tava?

After a tiring flight and a long boat journey you finally sight the shores of Jara-Mau. Beyond Jara-Mau you glimpse Jara-Tava, its huge volcano smoking ominously! As the boat draws close to the shore you prepare to begin your search for the Treasure of Captain Kidd. Good Luck!


This educational adventure began life as an expanded version of the author's popular Treasure Island game.

The C64 game (from 1988) was by Dean Hodgson and Steve Walsh. Programming on the Amiga version (from 1992) was by Jon Potter & Peter Jackson with additional graphics by Alex Grant and music by Shane Denley.

The game's WorldCat entry also lists a MS-DOS version; programmed by Dean Hodgson with graphics by Alex Grant, Steve Walsh, and Jonn Gorden.

There is an Amstrad CPC6128 version available; see here. The CPC was a popular educational computer in Australia, so this is presumed to be an official release.

There is an Apple II version hosted on the Internet Archive. There are no details currently available about this release. It may have been produced by Free Spirit Software, who were the US distributors of Satchel's products; although Apple II is not a format listed in their advert here.

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