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Moses: Old Testament Adventure #1

First Row, Three Rivers Software 1987

Amiga, Apple II, Atari 400/800, C64/128 info, PC info
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Experience the gripping story of Moses in a way never before possible. The world of Moses' time will come alive in this lighthearted but historically accurate text adventure game. After just a few minutes you'll agree that Sunday School was never like this!


Produced by Three Rivers Software of Pittsburgh, PA; the game was (later?) exclusively distributed by First Row Software Publishing, Inc. The original MS-DOS version of the game is available to download and play online.

According to the First Row catalogue, archived on Mocagh, the game was also available for Commodore 64/128, Apple II, and Amiga; although those versions currently don't seem to be preserved.

A Three Rivers Software advert, from Compute!'s PC magazine, volume 1 issue 2 (October 1987), also lists the platforms as IBM PC, Tandy, C64, Apple II and Atari XL.

References to the Commodore C64 version can be found in Compute!'s Commodore Buyer's Guide 1989, Computer Gaming World issue 48 (June 1988), Ahoy! Magazine issue 58 (October 1988), Info magazine issue 23 (Nov/Dec 1988) and Run magazine issue 58 (October 1988) ;which seems to confirm that the game existed and was released.

An in-game advertisement suggests that the second game in the series would've been based on the story of Noah.

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