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All In a Day's Work

Zenobi Software info 1996

Jonathan Scott, Stephen Boyd
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Agents Dirk Bogosian and Vanessa Wauchope were called to their office in the J. Edgar Hoover Building one frosty morning in February 1985. The two FBI agents were confronted by the director, Mike Pirelli, who threw before them that morning's copy of the DC Expatiator which bore the headline "Lumberjack Murdered". Bogosian almost fell off his feet, in the belief that the victim was his old college buddy, Harry Lumberjack. It was, in fact, his friend's brother, Rick, but this information was by no means less horrific. Pirelli explained to his agents how Lumberjack Investigations had been probing into the activities of Malone, the head of a drugs cartel that had links with some of Washington DC's most prominent businessmen. According to sources close to Lumberjack he had been days away from a breakthrough. However, his noble efforts had been dashed by his brutal gangland-style killing at the hands of what the police department and the Bureau were certain were a group of Malone's thugs. Harry Lumberjack had now entered into a spree of drunkenness, thus relapsing into alcoholism.

"Basically, guys, what I'm asking for," concluded Pirelli in his typically lucid fashion, "is that you provide me with sufficient evidence by the end of today that will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Malone and his allies have had Lumberjack killed, and also hopefully of his drugs involvement. Even though we know he's a scumbaggin' trafficker, we got no proof. The thing is, though, that our 'pals' at the Pentagon are going to pull the plug on the operation within sixteen hours if we don't have the dirt on Malone and co. Personally, I'm inclined to believe that Malone has infiltrated the Government and that his henchmen are calling the shots. So that gives you until midnight. I suggest you call back half-way through the day. I wish you well."

As Pirelli skulked away, Wauchope turned to Bogosian. "I guess you're worried about your old buddy, huh? What did Pirelli mean about his alcoholism?"

"In times like these he always drinks. He's probably inebriated by now."

"Poor guy. It's gonna be hard on him. Real hard."

"Yeah, but it will be nice if I can have an opportunity to talk to him. Even if he's soused at the time. Harry had real potential, but he dropped out at the end of the second year at Harvard. He's worked in these dead-end detective jobs ever since then. It culminated in his venture with his bro. Now that Rick's dead, Harry will be shattered."

"He sure will. I gotta feel sorry for him, but I can't wait to meet this guy, 'Hairball Harry', you always used to tell me about. He always sounded real interesting. I'm sure I'll just love him. Sixteen hours to get the dirt on Malone... shees!"

But for Wauchope and Bogosian it was ALL IN A DAY'S WORK.


Normal adventuring commands apply to this game and, in addition, you should use AGAIN to repeat your last command, and IT, HIM and HER to refer to the previous thing, male or female. VOCAB and INFO provide information on what words are accepted and on the abbreviations you can use.

Agent Wauchope will follow you around and it is necessary that you give commands such as WAUCHOPE "DRIVE TO HQ" or ask her about something, e.g. ASK WAUCHOPE ABOUT MALONE. WF and WS request her to follow and stay respectively. Finally, good luck in your mission!

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