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Skull Island

ANALOG Computing info 1989

John Patuto
Atari 400/800
Entered by:
Juan, SDon78


Mystified, you wake to find yourself half buried beneath the sands of a strange and vast island. Looking seaward, your eyes gaze upon the remains of your wrecked ship. As you struggle to recall the past events that brought you to this seemingly tropical paradise, your hazy memory pinpoints only a violent storm at sea and your attempts to keep your once-seaworthy vessel afloat.

Certain only that you are somewhere in the South Pacific, you climb to your feet, trying to get a bearing on your present location. Suddenly, your eyes fall upon a wooden board lying on the beach some yards away. As you approach it, you realize it is some kind of a sign. Brushing away the sand from the rotting wood, you reveal the words "Welcome to Skull Island."

Your pulse quickens as you realize the meaning behind these words. In legend, many attempted to sail to Skull Island to discover the magic it possessed, but no man ever returned from his adventure.

The sounds of jungle surround you. You set out to escape Skull Island--or die trying. comment:

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by Juan
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