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One of Our Wombats is Missing

Zenobi Software info 1990

Kez Gray, Mike Gerrard
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
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"Just pop along to the local zoo and give this note to the head keeper." mumbled the nice little man, and so it was that you found yourself employed as a trainee zoo-keeper.

For the first couple of days all was fairly simple and you had nothing more taxing to do than to read through your copy of "Animal Recognition". A small paperback containing numerous pictures of animals, each with a few well-chosen words to assist you in finding out just which animal was which ... No easy task for somebody who had never escalated beyond the "three bees in a jam-jar" stage of animal husbandry. However, most of the pictures were clearly printed and suitably labelled, apart from something on page 79b and that was probably not very important anyway. The one for the Polar Bear caused you to snigger when you read it because it stated that, despite all rumours to the contrary, the Polar Bear did NOT spend all its time perched on a gigantic see-through mint! However, you kept finding yourself drawn hack to the emptiness of page 79b and the one word boldly printed across the top of the page .... WOMBAT .... What was one of them and would you ever see one?

So it was that the head keeper approached you and with a gentle grin on his face said ... "Time to earn your keep my young friend, no more studying the pictures for you!" With that he donned his overcoat and headed for the door. "I'm off now, but before you go home just take a trip around the zoo and make sure that nothing has escaped."

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