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Robots of Dawn

Epyx 1984

Jon Leupp
Apple II, C64/128 info, PC info
Based on literature info, Crime, Science fiction
Entered by:
dave, devwebcl, Dorothy, Gunness, Strident



Robots of Dawn is an all text adventure based on the Isaac Asimov novel. You are Lije Baley, galaxy-famous detective, summoned to the planet Aurora to investigate the death of Dr. Fastolfe, renowned robot designer. You'd better live up to your reputation, as you have to determine which of the four suspects is guilty, and if you don't you'll be sent back to Earth in disgrace.

Throughout the game you'll have the assistance of the humaniform robot Daneel as you try to prove means, motive and opportunity for the most likely suspect.


The game came with an extensive selection of supporting documents connected to the story, such as case files, a newspaper front page, and correspondence.

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User Comments

devwebcl (24-08-2011 21:33)

this game doesn't exist for Atari 8bit.

Only for C64 and Apple2

dave (30-08-2011 20:46)

You seem to be right; I can find references to it in Page 6 and Compute; but nothing else. It looks like a port that was promised and never released for the Atari.

stonic (19-09-2011 22:40)

The solution posted here doesn't work :(

iamaran (24-05-2012 19:18)

Another solution added, courtesy of Dorothy. This one may be better for you Stonic.

stonic (11-08-2012 19:24)

I was sent a complete solution from Klaus Stengel, which I just uploaded to CASA. Dorothy's solution is very close to Klaus', but it leaves out a few things, such as answering the Chairman's final question as to whether your suspect really killed Dr. Fastolfe (answer is NO). He also explains a scenario that will crash the game.