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Kobyashi Ag'Kwo

Zenobi Software info 1991

Clive Wilson
PAW info
1: Kobayashi Naru, 2: Kobyashi Ag'Kwo
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Gunness, Sudders



In the mid-eighties many an ardent adventurer journeyed into the ancient world of YGOR to attempt the test of the KOBYASHI NARU, or as it was referred to by those who had failed and fallen by the wayside ... the ULTIMATE TRIAL.

A few intrepid souls survived the challenge and lived to tell the tale of their exploits on bleak winter evenings and surrounded by lesser mortals aghast at the horrors that befell them. One or two even embellished their tales with slight exaggerations of their own prowess and of the ferocity of the creatures with which they did battle. It is only harmless fun and whilst the more knowledgeable of the listeners smile knowingly, the younger element sit entranced by the tale and agog at the skill of the teller.

But now their time has come, now is the hour for them to enter the world of YGOR and see for themselves the dangers and hazards that abound there. Now is their chance to strive for fame and immortality ... for the test of KOBYASHI AG'KWO is upon us and some must make their way to YGOR.

However, it is written that those who have gone before will stand the greatest chance of success, for the bleached bones of their failed companions stand testament to the immensity of the task in hand and surely "experience" will triumph over "youthful endeavour" any time.

So be you an adventurer of many years or a sallow novice of little standing, now is the moment to embark upon........


You find yourself on the world of YGOR, a place much spoken of but rarely visited. However, much has changed since the days of the "Ultimate Trial" because the land is now under the rule of the ETHERIONS. They are a strange, slightly humanoid, race who have taken it upon themselves to alter the "NARU" into the "AG'KWO" and to offer this as the trial for those who wish to experience the ultimate.

This trial is only for the "Immortals" and has been fiendishly conceived by the Etherions as the ultimate test for all foolish enough to undertake it. You can, if you wish, be the first "Immortal" to attempt it. Think carefully, for it matters that you walk the right path and that you "size" up the situation correctly.

If you choose to undergo the KOBYASHI AG'KWO then your task is a simple one ... merely find and recover the FOUR artefacts hidden by the Etherions before the allotted time runs out. Amongst these artefacts are the "Golden Mythos" and the "Ebony Icon", though the true identity of the other two is known only to those who hid then in the first place...

Note, be aware of the level of your strength; it wanes quickly on this planet. However, the Etherions are a generous race and each time you do something to please them you will be awarded a number of credits.

You must amass 100 credits to succeed.

Use the monitor to gain clues to the various "ZONES" and then beam to the zone of your choice. Should you choose the wrong zone then it is possible to BEAMOUT again but this will use vital strength.

Some useful commands are ... STORE to save a position to MEMORY and RECALL to load a position from MEMORY. Use FONT1, FONT2 or FONT3 to change the style of the character set.

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