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Beginning of the End, The

Zenobi Software info 1992

Jonathan Scott, Stephen Boyd
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Zikov Trilogy, The [1: Escape From Hodgkin's Manor, 2: Red Alert, 3: Beginning of the End, The]
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Gunness, Sudders



The Story So Far...

The teacher, Miss Earwig, was busy filing her toenails when Mr. Snooper walked in and glared at her. "Don't look at me in that tone of voice," she chided. Then he growled, "If I was you I would be careful what I did, you are a sticky wicket as it is!" This came as a surprise to the class... after all, they never ever suspected her of cheating at such a gentleman's game as cricket... especially not by glueing the bails on to the stumps! In fact they had not even realised that she was into the game, they always suspected that croquet was more her bent!

So as FRED (hero of the last two ZIKOV escapades and all-round good guy) sat in his French class puzzling over the difference between "Bonjour" and "Au Revoir", he felt a strange glow surround... as if he were the centre of the Universe and all known power had been bestowed upon him (a teacher to those who know the profession). This feeling grew and grew and with it his intelligence grew also. French was no longer a confusing subject and the mysteries of the world were his to know. But, with these feelings of grandeur, came a sense of fear and insecurity. As if something beyond his deepest understanding was about to take place - and it was not yesterday's maths homework!

The world around FRED began to spin and he saw a place he had never seen before, a place he had never been to - NIRVANA. He suddenly knew things be should never have known, why he was here in the first place and even why he knew so much in the first place... All this had been brought about by an evil and voracious character called BASIL HODGKINS, who on having a conversation with his wife, Matilda, said, "There are contractions in my head. " To which she replied, "You must be having your brainchild." This in turn led him to finding his way to the centre of the Earth where the THE MACHINE OF TOTAL UNIVERSAL CONTROL, built by the Incas after they had misaligned the space-tine continuum, sustains sanity on the planet. Basil had trapped the guardian of the machine and through time had learnt to dismantle it. The machine, acting by instinct, sent a beacon of power and hope to the surface of the planet in an attempt to contact somebody capable of coming to its aid. Unlucky for it, the beam had touched FRED... not the wisest choice by a long way.

Assist FRED to locate the parts of the machine... scattered through time, space, and the length and breadth of Tooting. Then return these parts to the centre of the Earth's core before releasing the guardian and allowing it to rebuild the machine and thereby return the sanity of the world. It will be necessary to collect FOUR components, which together will stop Basil's plans.

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by terri
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