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Games - Richard Phillips (1 results)

Dr Richard Phillips was a freelance educational writer, photographer and multimedia designer, and the originator of the popular BBC micro game L: A Mathemagical Adventure.

Richard sadly passed away in October 2015.

On the ATM website, one of his colleagues, Alan Wigley, who also worked on L - a Mathemagical Adventure, recalls the experience...

Alan writes: "I can remember in the early days of computers in schools, working with Richard on ideas for graph-plotting programs, which of course are now commonplace (and I hope being used in all secondary maths classrooms!). At the Shell Centre we were looking at an adventure game called ‘A’, on the old Research Machines 380Z computer, which involved finding your way through a maze of passageways. Sometime later I recall driving with Richard from Nottingham to an ATM Micros group meeting at Knuston Hall. He talked to me about his idea for a mathematical adventure game. I was intrigued as to how this might work and he explained one or two of his ideas for problems, including the Telephone problem, I recall. The idea seized the imagination of the group and we were all able to contribute suggestions for problems. However, the imaginative storyline (partly inspired by Alice in Wonderland) and programming were, if my memory serves me, all Richard’s. Computer graphics have, of course, advanced hugely since then, but it was impressive how the simple, mostly text-based presentation stimulated the imagination of children and adults alike."

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L: A Mathemagical Adventure Association of Teachers of Mathematics 1984 English Solution, Hints