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Games - Microdeal (13 results)

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Title Company Year Language Documents
Aquanaut 471 Computerware, Microdeal 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Castle Dracula Microdeal 1985 English Solution
Caverns of Doom Microdeal, Superior Graphics Emporium 1983 English Solution
Jerusalem CLOAD info, Microdeal 1981 English
Keys of the Wizard Microdeal, Spectral Associates 1983 English
Mansion CLOAD info, Microdeal 1982 English Solution
Skid Row Adventure Microdeal, T&D Subscription Software 1984 English Solution, Map
Syzygy Microdeal, Spectral Associates 1984 English Map
Treasures of Barsoom Microdeal, T&D Subscription Software 1985 English Solution, Map
Trekboer Mark Data, Microdeal 1984 English Solution, Map
Ultimate CLOAD info, Microdeal 1982 English
Vortex Factor Mark Data, Microdeal 1985 English Solution, Map
Williamsburg CLOAD info, Microdeal 1981 English Solution, Hints