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Games - Entered by benkid77 (18 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Absolute Worst IF Game in History, The Dean Menezes 2008 English Solution
Amusement Park Lucille F. Rock ? English Solution
Castle Dracwulf benkid77 2020 English Fixed game
Classic Cave Adventure Matthew Hall ? English Solution
Dungeon Cascade Games info 1984 English Solution
Elfbayne benkid77 2019 English
Escapade ? ? English Solution
Escape From Earth benkid77, Gerd Viol 2021 English
Figment Demonstration Game Patch Panel Software 1988 English Solution
Forest of Doom Greg Chapman 1988 English Solution
Galactic Hitchhiker A. Knight 1980 English Solution
Gnome ? ? English Solution, Fixed game
Once a King Darryn Lavery info, Mark Griffiths 1988 English Solution
Phantom of Blackmoore, The Instrumental Software Systems 1983 English Solution
Sceptre of Hamloth, The Microtanic 1981 English Solution, Map
Space Outpost Jim Beck ? English Solution, Fixed game
Treasure Quest Jim Beck ? English Solution
ZK Edmund Sullivan, William Lees 1985 English Solution